Movin' in!

ok so we closed on Friday the fifteenth... and the plan was that as soon as I got off work at 5 we would start moving everything. We had a crew of friends coming over to help us move in so Becky offered to make supper for everyone to thank them for helping out. So... I get off at five and drive over to our new house to check it out while it's still empty and....ABSOLUTELY ALL of our stuff is already in there! Lucas and his brothers completely moved us in before 5 o'clock! Which was great! So...since Becky had already made supper we just had everyone over to the new house for supper. It was kinda cramped and we all had to climb over boxes to sit on chairs and eat with paper plates in our laps, but it was still fun! So...we have a list of to do's and alot of those involve painting...we just started by priming over the maroon walls in the kitchen last night. don't worry we were in bed by midnight. : )

enjoy the before pics...
The Fabulous Becky!!! (She is an EXPERT cabinet organizer!)

This will be our office space

Lucas taking care of the important stuff. : )

I can't tell you how much I dislike this maroon red. It's ok we'll fix that.

This is our big mess of unpacking! : ) It's alot better now... this was Friday night.

The awesome mover man!

The guest bedroom! This is where you will all be staying when you visit! looks cozy huh? lol

We are painting over the dark red and the khaki. It really makes the kitchen feel dark.

guest bedroom.

messy dining room

Ok.....so....There is a window in the living room that doesn't function as a window since they added a garage on the other side of the wall... so the people before us thought that stuffing it with insulation and throwing a drape over it was the best solution.... well we weren't crazy about that look so... Lucas created this awesome decorative panel/shelf to cover it up. He's brilliant.
I think it will look good once it is painted the same color as the wall....

coverin' up the dark wall paint. YAY!

We will keep takin pics...Love y'all!