Dining Room Chairs. Check.

FINALLY the dining room chairs are getting their make over!
 I've been debating and deliberating for about three months now
 and I've finally made some decisions and put them into action!
 Our oh so lovely sheild back dining chairs were looking 
pretty darn worn out and were starting to SQEAK! 
They were covered with scratched, dings, chew marks, and just looked tired. : (
My handy man hubby REPAIRED all the little issues 
on each chair with carpenter's glue, clamps, and a nail gun.
 Now we are sturdy-fied and ready for business!
I spent One Saturday morning SANDING each chair,

here is my little army of sanded chairs awaiting their coats of primer.
I used a small sponge brush and applied oil based PRIMER to every little nook and cranny.
(I used two brushed and just tossed em after I was done. That oil based is a booger to cleanup)
The next decision to be made was PAINT COLOR. I went with Benjamin Moore's 1528 Early Morning Mist. It's a creamy gray/white. It's actually looks whiter in person than this picture:
The semi-gloss finish looks great and will be super easy to keep clean which is an absolute necessity with Heidi and Kody runnin round. ; )
And at last...the final touch...FABRIC selection!! I fell in love with this pattern the first time our BBerger rep handed me the tiny little Geometric Weaves book this summer.
I have a blue and white waverly palampore on my sofa in the adjoining Living room and I wanted something simple and somewhat masculine for the dining room. I looked at a few other choices and just kept coming back to this little guy. And I'm SO glad that I did cause I love the finished result!

Here is the before again:
and the after!!!
(I'll get a pic of them all together around the dining table once the dining room floor is in.)


Monday News

Just admiring Tobi Fairley's generous use of geometric and simple shape patterns.  
  I think their simplicity bring a crisp clean touch to any room.
the wallcovering AND chair is a bit much for me, but I like each on their own.

P.S. I found out today that this lovely fabric that we have all grown to love: IKAT
is not pronounced: eye - cat
it's correct pronunciation is ee-kaht! who knew?
probably everyone but me.
 haha...hopefully none of my clients had a clue either!



Just ordered some yardage of this simple/masculine geometric print that I've had a crush on since the first time I laid eyes on it in July. I'm super excited about using it in our casa and I can't wait to show you!

B.Berger 1941-69

mmmm...YAY! Can't wait!
Where do YOU think I should use it?


Wildcat Kids

Yes I know I'm obsessed with my dogs...And yes Kody is in a WILDCAT T-shirt. haha.
I might just really enjoy watching them walking around in people clothing. I just laugh the whole time and they stare at me like I'm a crazy person. Weird. Yes. I know.
and here is Miss Heidi Sue in her new necklace. She's so classy.
And here is my fall wall pocket that is hanging on the front door. Thanks Manda! (I painted it Bronze hope you're down with that). Loving todays cooler weather. Hope you're all having a lovely week!



Lonnymag.com has inspiring images that I just drool over.

I love all of the patterns, pillows, black laquer, beautiful use of blues, and gorgeous styling. Just delightful to look at. :)


Gray Zebra Stripes

I made some cutie pie pillows last night with some remnant fabric pieces and I love them!

Making pillows is super easy...anyone can do it! I didn't put together a tutorial but here is the easy one I followed from Janell at Isabella and Max! And the steps are VERY easy to follow...so check it out if your wanting to take on a mini project. : )


Living Room

Just looking around for some living room inspiration....love this room from Morgan Harrison Home...
mmmmm. delightfulness.


Labor Day

And since I was at home all alone yesterday (Lukie had to work), enjoying the day off...my faithful pups were sure to never leave my side as I cleaned and worked around the casa...
here is where they snoozed (practically on top of me) as I put the book pages up in the corner built-in shelves. : )
And here is Kody and Heidi's new toy that she hasn't let out of her sight/mouth since we brought it home last week. She was very happy that I wanted to take a picture of her with it.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday!

Canton Inspiration

Five precious friends of mine and I hit up the flea markets
 of Canton, Texas on Saturday!
We had a wonderful time together searching through
all the little booths and eating ridiculously unhealthy treats. : )

Jordan and Ashley were the big winners of the day, with some
 wonderful vintage finds (Paintings, Prints, Trays, Boxes etc...)
 that they bargained for. And Kristee found some vintage
jewelry and a clutch. I on the other hand
managed to get away with only one wonderful sandalwood
scented candle. I did gain a lot of inspiration and ideas though!
 Sadly...I didn't bring my camera so I have no pics to share.
One idea that I've seen several times before, but I've never really
 thought about using in my own house was this...
Using pages out of old books as wall covering. We have some built-in
shelves in our living room that I have tossed around the idea
of backing with wallpaper or fabric. When I saw Laurie Anna's 
ADORABLE booth in Canton with these pages
on the walls, I just loved it -and I know I change my mind often
-so this will be much easier 
to change than pasted on wall paper. : )
Here are a couple of pics I snapped real quick.
I like how the pages provide a neutral backdrop,
but with more texture and interest than paint.


Crafty Time

Lucas gave me a sewing machine for my birthday and I've been trying to work on my skilzzz.
So I went on down to Hancock's Fabrics and found me a
"simple" apron pattern and some silly fabrics.
I have actually NEVER used a pattern before soooo...this was interesting.
It was like reading a differnet language in that little packet, and the fickle little pieces
of tissue were like a crazy person puzzle.
 It took me about 1 hour to cut out the pieces (while I was watching Rachel ZOE)
 and about 3 hours maybe 4 to stitch it all up.
but I finished it!
Please don't ask to look too close! haha....probably definitely not the best craftsmanship.
woo hoo! I was hoping to share this pattern with some gal pals from church at a little "fun sewing time get-together," we will see if this one makes the cut. They all might want to kill me once they see how MANY pieces you have to cut and realize how long it takes! I'd like to find something quick and easy that would take only like two hours from start to finish. If any one knows of a cute/quick apron pattern...holla at ya girl.


I die

Kari Schlegel (25) of Dallas shared her space with D-home magazine.
I almost fainted when I saw her closet...haha
oh my heavens. how delightful.