Triple Happy Birthday!

I have 3 precious friends whose B-DAYS are right in a row this month. I am SO very blessed to have these lovely ladies in my life. Over the years we have made so many memories and grown closer and closer. I am so thankful for their sweet friendship and I love each on of them dearly!
August 26th - ASHELOOT PATTISON!!!
August 27th - SIMRAN DHALIWAL!!!
& August 28th - JORDO HARRELL!!!


blue and white

This living space looks so fresh and cozy. I love the styling of the book shelves, I love the blue and white fabrics, I love the topiaries, I love the coffee table, I love the layered rugs, I love the dog.
thank you EDDIE ROSS.



CONGRATULATIONS to Private First Class Sara!!!
My most precious-est little sister, Sara, graduated from 12 weeks of hardcore
Marine boot camp last week.
We went to Parris Island, South Carolina to celebrate with her!
We made signs, t-shirts, and pins! We are so proud of her!!!
Isn't she just the most beautifully wonderful little Marine you ever did see??? ; )
Out of the 400 graduates, she and ten others were honored as distinguished graduates. 
(she is on the far right in the above pic)
Super Proud Sister!
We might have just slipped on over to Hilton Head's Folly Beach one afternoon.
It was super sweeet...and we had loads of fun,
which I'm sure you can tell by our awesome poses. : )

Paper Fun

I made a headboard this Spring out of IKEA's Sorli mirrors. I really like how it turned out, but I didn't really think about what the mirrors would be reflecting. The oposite wall is blank with a built in decorative shelf that is at an akward height and spans the entire length of the wall.
So the sweet lil mirrors don't have much to reflect.
........my thoughts are to put up an AWESOME paper on the opposite wall. The fun pattern would be reflected in our headboard but wouldn't overwhelm our small space.

There are SO many Beautiful/Bold patterns in Wall coverings
right now and all I have left to do is pick one! : ) 
I think it will be a perfect opputunity to bring some color and pattern into our room. Currently it is very "serene" with pale blues, greys, and whites. I think it could handle a lil fun somthin somthin

We shall see ; )
Okay...I was just about to publish this post when I found this picture in my files...
haha....I made this when I was trying to decide how tall to make the Sorli headboard. So...this will give you an idea of how comlpetely bland our room is right now! lol
I am thinking the wallpaper, painting the lamps (coral? yellow? what do you think?), and some pillows would help. Share your thoughts with me. ; )


Design Star Love

Can I just say that I am obsessed with Miss Emily Henderson (Design Star Contestant)...She is adorable. She has been my favorite since episode 1. You can ask my husband...I was totally distressed that she was in the bottom two on the first show. But now she's a finalist! Her design aesthetic is right up my alley. I think she and I could be BFF.
The perfect blend of Vintage and Modern, Feminine and Masculine. Ahhhh....sure hope she wins so I can stalk her TV show!

I'm off to South Carolina for the rest of the week! Peace Out Girl Scout!



Collage Wall

Since my previous blog about my desire for a "cluster" wall I have seen several people refer to these as "collage" walls. Sooooo...I don't know which is correct, but whichever it is...I'm lovin the look.
I already had a couple of floral water-colors, a few floral prints and some plates that I wanted to use for this wall. Then I found some other pieces at my favorite flea market, an embroidered piece of linen, some photography, and some other fun stuff. I painted some frames, cleaned it all up and got out the hammer and nails.

The wall is split in the middle by a large window so I had to take two separate pics, but it's all the same wall.
The guest bedroom is much happier now with it's newly adorned walls. : ) And the new look has already been broken in...the Walker's stayed with us last weekend and Kristee approved the new addition. lol...and if she approves then I'm happy!
Hope you are having a great Thursday!


Side Tables Project

I have two little sewing tables that I thought would work as side tables in our guest bedroom. I wanted them to be fresh and simple. But painting them solid white did not sound like a fun project. lol. So I sketched a linear design on a paper towel, and got creative with some painter's tape.
 This weekend was America's Next Top Petite Model (5'7" and Under) Marathon and I had a lovely Sunday evening watching the marathon and painting during commercial breaks. : ) 

I was so glad she won...her final line was....
"I'm a dork and I won America's Next Top Model!" She was precious!

Anyways...back to the project...haha...
Materials Used for this lil project:
 Sandpaper, Oil based Primer, Champagne Colored Spray Paint,
Painter's Tape, Sponge Roller,White Paint, and Glossy Lacquer Spray.
Sorry I didn't get any before pics... I sanded the tables, primed them, let them dry, sprayed Krylon's Champagne Nouveau in the areas I wanted to place my design, let it dry, taped my design down, rolled my white paint (3 coats with drying in between each coat).
and then peeled the tape off to reveal my design...then I gave it a coat of glossy lacquer.
blurry pic and no hardware yet, but here it is! There are two but I only got a pic of one. I'll put a better pic up later when I get a chance.
hope you are all having a lovely week!



I am actually not sure what to call these lovely displays of "collected" artwork. Whether or not they are collected over time, I don't know. But that is the look they give and I adore it.
The organic placement of these pieces is so refreshing.
 These rooms look so carefree and relaxed. My love of order and symmetry might be a bit confused if I try something this unorganized! lol.
 but I might give it a try in our bedroom...might. : )
 What do you think? Should I give it a try?