Las Vegas Weekend...

My boss took me to Las Vegas for the weekend to see Cher in Concert... woo hoo for the two songs that I knew!
Here I am with a slot machine. I gambled $1!!! Big spender!

We stayed in the Belagio... It was FABULOUS!!!

The ceiling of the Belagio Lobby is covered in Chihuly glass sculptures.... so pretty...

I couldn't resist a little pink wig action for the concert... haha


Puppies and Pergolas

Lucas has been using his carpentry skills lately on one of my projects... he built two pergolas, a porch awning a really pretty wooden fence and installed some french doors. This picture is right at sunset so it's pretty dark... but still very pretty. : )

Lucas and his doggie.
Lucas captured this little gem dandy of a photo...
definitely one of my favorite places to be in the evenings....In a Kody/Heidi sandwich. haha


Sorry October.

My lovely family came for a visit a few weekends ago. I decided the pictures from that weekend were a good excuse to resume my blogging. I just forgot all about blogging last month. Sorry October. Halloween also provided some super photo opportunities that I will share with you in this post as well. : )

Happy 51st Birthday Daddy!!! Love you the mostest!!

Don't these two goobers look like brothers... haha... it's the hair.

Pics on the front porch....

The ever-growing Heidi and Kody...

Halloween Partay! Lukie and I were Bob the Builder and Suzy Homemaker... JB and Susie were a girl scout with her Thin Mint Cookies..... ADORABLE!

All the lovely ladies....

YAY for Suzy and Susie!!!