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ikat,ottomans and memories.

This fun little guy was at Old Time Pottery in East Nashville for like $40. 
Such a random place, but he is just too cute! (and budget friendly!) 

 I think it would be the perfect little ottoman for a nursery
via holamamablog

 or a bedroom seating area....
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If you follow me on instagram (becca_gibbs) 
you probably saw this pic a few weeks ago...

Well...I wasn't painting the entire wall, I was painting this super fun and funky
 ikat pattern headboard on the guest bedroom wall to serve as a headboard!
 The chalkboard circle at the top is so that I can 
monogram the headboard with my guests initials. 
This is an easy way to make a space feel 
personal and inviting for an overnight guest!

In other news...I'm still trying to come to grips with the
fact that the holidays are over! I've been looking forward to all
 the sweet visits from friends and family for so long and
 now that it's all over I'm just sad! I need to buck up buttercup
and just be thankful for fun times and memories made!  

Have a happy Tuesday, friends!