flower bed dreams.

just dreaming about my beautiful flower beds...
ahhhhh one day...
i really love the english cottage garden look...
or whatever this is...
the carefree/casual, anything goes look
so fresh and happy... 

our house had five bushes in the front flower
beds when we bought our house...
(this is the pic off of the realtors website)
to this day still only five bushes!

this summer's project is scraping and painting the exterior.
not much to dream about! haha

so no fabulously lush flower beds in my near future!
but one day hopefully. :)

here's to a happy thursday
and to happy dreaming! 



scalloped cornice and ballerinas.

some of you awesome people voted on which fabrics to use in a little

and the crowd favorite was the design that incorporated the
sweet little degas ballerina fabric....

wellllll my client agreed with all of you! She loved the ballerina's!
we haven't installed yet, but i just wanted to
 share some pics of the finished pieces:
and don't you worry... we definitely have some custom
 curtains out of the ballerina fabric for our little missies play castle!
 (they are still wrapped in plastic, but will soon
be a part of a little princesses dream world:) haha... oh to be 4 again.
didn't it all turn out super cutie pie?!
hope every one of you has had a great monday!


craigslist two.

just been cattin' around on craigslist again...

Check out these fun bamboo pieces:
i love this headboard and can see it
 painted out in a glossy coral or white!

image 2226679815-1
get it, paint it and have a look like this:
elle decor


I just think that this would be pretty in
a small entry...and it's 75 buckaroos
image 2272186416-0


but a few coats of paint and it could
be a REALLY fabulous piece:
 if you painted the inset areas in a different color you
 could have some super stylish storage for ...$10?!? do. it.
and then accessorize it like this:


check out these saweet mid century consoles that
would be a perfect place for the telly to perch upon...
image 2270970084-0

image 2277017700-0
these consoles are straight up Emily Henderson style and would fit
perfectly into a room like the one she designed on her latest episode:


i love the tribal-esque fabric on this great little side chair....
and a great deal at $225 especially
since you wouldn't have to reupholster it!
a very ANTHRO look, don't you think?
except without the huge-o price tag.


mid-century hutch, table and chairs ($350) wowsa:
image 2280272638-0

image 2280272638-1

k that's all.
peace out girl scout.



i wore purple today. oops.

normally it wouldn't matter, but my boss' two little grandson's (7 & 4)
were at the studio for about thirty minutes this morning,
and they punished my left arm several times for not having any green on.

so here is what i should have worn:

1. Flutter neck shell Top- Ann Taylor LOFT
2. Detail on front of shell top
3. Cardigan- JCrew
4. Crystal Confection ring- Kate Spade
5. Malibu Hoops- Forever 21
6. Pin Slim Patent Belt- JCrew
7. Seaport twisted bangles-Kate Spade
8. Dropped gem bracelet- Banana Republic
9. Make Fast Flats- Anthropologie
10. Black Matchstick Jean - JCrew

 teal counts as green right? or would i still have gotten pinched??

my grandpa always used to tell me that i needed to wear
orange and green on St. Patrick's day.
i never knew or asked why...i just thought he was being funny.

that some people (very few) wear orange!

Orange is symbolic of Irish Protestants
 while Green is symbolic of Irish Catholics.
On the Irish flag, there is an orange stripe,
a green stripe and a white stripe.
The orange is for the Protestants, the green is for the Catholics
and the white is for the hope of peace between the two.

wonderful. a history lesson for all of us. :)

i am headed out of town until monday...so it's an early
weekend for me! Hope you all have a lovely one!




 and it grew really quickly over the summer.

and for the most part i think my efforts paid off!

The tops of the vines are not blossoming yet,
 but the bottoms are full of cheery yellow flowers...
a few little guys are showing up here and there up top...
but for the most part there are just little budsies still...
they smell great when you walk out on the front porch...
YAY for Spring!

i  hope you all had a restful weekend
and for those of you who are teachers...
yes, i am jealous of your spring break. ;)
 so enjoy it thouroughly!



i have a client that lives in a relatively new builder grade type home,
the walls are white, and the floors are puny laminate and cream carpet.

she has asked me to "warm it up" and make it more personal and inviting.

the home DOES have some interesting features...
which i plan to emphasize with paint...
and she has several really beautiful pieces that she inherited from
her mother that are a great starting point for the design of the space
in addition to her exsisting furniture we are getting
a chaise, a large tufted ottoman, a couple of fabulous
wingback chairs, a console table and a side table.

here are some of the finishes i've selected so far:
1. existing sofa pillows
2. wingback chair fabric
3. accent fabric
4. accent fabric
5. leather for tufted ottoman
6. sofa fabric
7. new wood flooring
8. silver/gold leg finish for ottoman
9. Wall/Ceiling Paint: BM Oakwood Manor
(looks lighter in pic, it's a warm gold/cream)
10. Ceiling accent paint BM Silver Mink
(for recessed ceiling detail) 
11. furniture layout

this fabric, along with some of her existing artwork
gave me the color palette for the space:
this fabric will be on two wing back chairs
that have tufting and nailhead details:
and no, i didn't draw these out of proportion!
..haha...they really are going to have the oversized flared back like that.

i can't wait to see them once they are finished!
I'll be sure to share the results with y'all!

have a wonderful weekend!


weekend wedding.

we went to my brother-in law's wedding this
weekend in Dripping Springs Texas...
the wedding was at Vista West Ranch which was a really beautiful/rustic location.
I didn't get any pics of them, but Susie was a gorgeous bride!

here are a couple of pics off of the venue's website
the hubs was a groomsman, so he was busy busy all weekend...
and i got to spend the weekend with these lovely ladies:
precious Miss Whitney Pinson (who is dating another one of my brothers-in-law)
Autumn Whitaker (who i just met this weekend, love her) 
and my sweet sis Amanda! We had a blast hanging out, eating frozen yogurt, and relaxin.
and here is my sweetie pie in all his windswept wedding glory. ;)
it was a WINDY/CHILLY day! we were all glad that the reception was inside!

Hope you all had a great weekend and a good start to this week!