Ranking the seasons...haha

Fall is definitely my #1 favorite choice of seasons...I am just loving the wonderful Fall-ish weather outside right now...It makes me excited for scarves, gloves, boots ( which I have a new pair that I am so ready to wear!), hot chocolate, holidays, football games (I just love the atmosphere), Christmas shopping, pumpkins, and so many more wonderful things that are only here when fall is here...the transition between summer and fall is a hard one for me...summer is a close second in my season favorites. I love the heat, the sunshine, the swimming, and the weddings! So I definitely have mixed emotions about summer going bye bye. : (
Springtime is my third favorite. My birthday is in the springtime and I also adore the sunshine and warm weather after the miserable cold.
I don't like winter. Christmas is it's only redeeming quality. : )

Our sweet little Kody and Heidi run to the window by the driveway everytime we leave...I just love that they hate to see us go... so precious.
bahahahahahaha... I thought I'd leave you with this....

creepy/ hysterical.


Wildcats Win!!

We went to ACU's first game last night and it was super exciting cause Ben was starting....He plays tight end and is #86.
the game was televised on CBS and Fox Sports Southwest.
at least our side of the stands was full! : )
Ben with Bryan and Becky after the game...

We aren't sure where Sam was...but at least we had three of the brothers together.
Go Wildcats!!!!


Dr. Amanda Lee!!!

Amanda graduated from Parker Chiropractic on Saturday!!! woohoo!!! We had a great time seeing the fam again. I think we should always see each other every other weekend. : )
right before Amanda sang the national anthem ...
Walking across the stage... mom and daddy got to unfurl her robe.

Proud grandparents!!! and sara! : )

me and lukie...
ma and manda...
yay for manda!!!!
We love you!!!!


Go Red!!!

Lucas' Team won the city league tournament this weekend!!! Woo Hoo!!!! His brothers J.Bryan and Sam played on the team as well...great brother bonding time. : )

happy team...
tough team... the "kiddos" came to one of Lukie's games and got sooo hot and worn out....that they had to spend the rest of the afternoon doing this....
lazy pups.


family time

Amanda and Chris' Wedding was this past weekend...It was such a beautiful and wonderful wedding. We had a blast seeing family and just being together. I wish someone would get married again next month... haha.
sweet sistas...
the stunning bride...
the goofy gibbs brothers at our house for dinner...