zig zag.

i have been wanting to liven up a couple of terracotta pots
 in my dining room that I have my topiaries in for
a while now and just wasn't sure what I wanted to do... 

well I finally decided on ZIG ZAGS...
so I got out my painter's tape and spray paint...
 and made these lil cuties...
 I really like how they bring a graphic look to each end of the shelf...
Since I was so happy with the zig zags in my home I decided to
make a big one for outside the front door of the studio...
 and stacked some punkins up on top!
Have a great Thursday, friends!


client living/dining.

Some friend's of our just moved back to Abilene and
purchased a fabulous old house!
It's on lots of land and has fabulous features like 2 large fireplaces,
hardwood floors, wooden beam ceilings, and lots of
quirky/awesome little tid-bits that you only get with an older home.

They have been living "small" for the past few years, because he
was finishing up his medical residency. So they needed a
game plan to get this place
full, furnished and feeling like home!

The large downstairs dining and living spaces was
 the first order of business...I sketched out a scaled layout and then
cut out different paper furniture pieces to scale so we could
get an idea for what the space needed and scoot everything
 around until it was just right. (sorry for the bad phone pic)

 then I presented her with this concept board for the living room...
 they've got two little kiddos and have to plan accordingly...
so I chose slipcovered furniture, a dark patterned wool rug,
and a high/low mix of accent furniture and accessories.

i also did a mantle concept board because it is the
 focal point of the room and will set the tone for the space...

and here is the dining room furnishings board...
 and a mantle concept for this room as well....
it's going to be gorgeous! Can't wait!
I hope you are all having a lovely Thursday!

If you are interested in a consult for a room design of your own,
please feel free to contact me at rgibbs.design@gmail.com for information and pricing.

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