carpentry workshop.

When we first bought our house...we didn't really use the "garage" for anything.
(2009...Here is the hubs in the garage actin' tough
after taking out 237 stumps out of our yard.)
as you can see it's not a huge space and not very practical for car parking.
So instead it became L's workshop.

If you are a regular reader of my blog you have seen
the garage face lift in a previous post...so nice and new on the outside...
but what you didn't know about was the dirty little secret that 
was hidden behind the pretty door...
dun dun duuuuuh...
a total mess that somehow functions daily as the carpentry
workshop for my super talented husband.
it had just evolved into this chaotic space that had stacks and piles
of this and that and just didn't make for a very nice place to work.
 and although I'm sure he could not have cared any less...
I felt that a fresh coat of paint was in order for all of the peeling boards. 
As well as some sort of paint job for this tragedy...
when the garage was added to the house,
this poor window was stuffed with insulation
and left in this hideous state.

So this weekend the workshop got a makeover!
cleaned out, painted and organized...
 including an addition of two light fixtures!
It was always dark in there with just that one little window.
 all the cords, tools, and parts now have a new home off the floor!
(Heidi approves)
 either on the new peg board or on the shelves in labeled bins... 
 Long trim pieces that were always in the way leaning
against the wall are now hanging from the rafters...
 and although the sad window has no function whatsoever
 at least she isn't a complete eyesore any more...
and best of all the hubs is happy..
 and ready to build something fabulous!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

"For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control." II Timothy 1:7


shut it.

As a Valentine's Day surprise my super sweet
hubs installed the shutters that he
made for the front windows of our house...

It was such a GREAT feeling to drive up after work and see them up!
If you haven't seen the before pics..go check them out first!

So here are the AFTER pics with the shutters installed...
(Please avert your eyes from all
overgrown bushes, bare flower beds, dead grass, weeds etc...:)
and just enjoy the fabulousness of the shutters!

 Such a good feeling to have gotten this much of our exterior completed!
this happy little face popped out to greet us today...
I don't think he knows that it's not quite Spring yet!

p.s. see that blue porch ceiling peeking through from behind the vine??
 it's subtle but i couldn't resist a little pop of
 color for when people come up to the front door!
hope you all have a good rest of the week!


tulips and shutters.

I am totally loving the V-day tulips that my sweet hubs got me!
 It's so awesome how they continue to grow
and open up after they are cut and put in a vase!
My Valentine also gave me another awesome treat:
He installed the new shutters that he so craftily built!
A total surprise to come home to!
I'll share pics soon!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


baby charlee.

Three weeks ago my dear friend Jordan had to have an emergency C-section and
baby Charlotte Kate (Charlee) joined us 6 weeks before her due date.
At 3 lbs. 7 ounces she had to stay in the NICU and is still there, being
cared for and gaining weight ounce by ounce.
the baby shower for the "mother to bee" was this past weekend
 and it went really well. Mommy and baby
 received so many sweet things!
We had fun putting together the table of goodies...
We also did a blessing table for baby Charlee...

Also...I made a blessing for Charlee, printed it out on cardstock,

 and framed it so Jordan can hang it in her room...

There were so many precious people that came to the
shower to celebrate and bless Jordan and Charlee!
thankfully sweet little Charlee is doing much
better after three weeks of care and growth!
She is up to 4 lbs and should be coming
home in the next week!
I'm just so thankful for this sweet little angel
and can't wait to love on her some more!


our exterior before and afters.

Big News!
We finished painting the siding on the
exterior of out home this past weekend! Woo Hoo!
It was a huge project...
9 months of scraping, sanding, priming, caulking, and painting!
I wish I had taken more before pics but here are a few:
The gray/brown paint on the wood siding was cracked, brittle and peeling off...
Here's a close up of one of the big front windows...
they were painted peachy tan and a mess:
you can't really tell that well but all of the paint along the
 front which faces West was just bubbled up and flaking
off if you just ran your hand across it...
and take note of the adorable drooping rain gutter:
 Here are some pics of after we scraped off most of the loose paint:
and here are some pics of it primed (we used a tinted primer): 
goodness gracious these pictures are rough...
but it has to get worse before it can get better!:)
yes, it only had primer on it through the Christmas Season :)
still just primed:
At one point the hubs removed the entire front door to level it...
it's kind of a weird feeling having your front door leaning against
your porch and to just have a gaping hole in the front of your house!
 we then completed the garage door and I wrote about it here
Once we completed the painting we installed our new porch lights:
and finally here are some after pics!
 We still haven't installed the new shutters but
I just couldn't wait any longer to share pics! :)...

It's feeling a little bare naked with pathetic winter grass, lack of landscaping
 and no shutters, but it sure is a GREAT feeling to have the main
part of this curb appeal project completed!!!
Now we need to prime, paint, and install our new shutters (built by handy hubs!)

Right now I'm thinking we will be painting the
new shutters black to match the front door...
thoughts or reccommendations are appreciated!!
hope you all have a wonderful weekend!