Silver and Gold

Lukie and I went on a road trip this weekend to Irving. We got to stay with my grandparents and we got to see my lovely sister and her Christopher. They had a wedding shower on Saturday night. It was super cute and super fun!

She and I went shopping on Saturday and found this pretty little blue
dress at Banana for her to wear at the shower...

WOO HOO for getting married!!!!!


Curtains for the Living room... The gold drapes are actually a recycled item from the dining room...I didn't really like them when they were in there... but they look mucho better against the grey walls in here. The valance is a small horizontal ticking stripe of black and cream.

These rings were originally silver...black spray paint helped them match the rods we already had. The rings just clip right on to the fabric...

Can't wait for y'all to come visit the house!! xoxoxoxo


Valance Victory!

...Heidi and Kody say HI! They are gettin BIG!

Lucas and I washed the windows a couple Saturdays ago...it was a pretty huge task. We were having a pretty difficult time washing in between the storm windows and the regular windows until we got to the fifth window and figured out that the storm windows come out! They were pretty tricky. :)....but we figured it out and it made the whole process go alot faster. We were done by noon.

I found some really happy fabric that I thought would look great in our dining room...It is a chocolatey brown with a very colorful floral print...I think it'll look super fun with the fiesta-ware. So...I bought a couple yards and made exact replicas of the old valances that were in there when we moved in. Except I added a little pleat in the center of each one ( Becky's superb idea ).

These pictures were taken with my phone so they're not the greatest...but they'll do. We actually mounted the valances all the way up to the ceiling.... but I haven't taken a picture of that yet. Having them mounted all the way up really makes the room appear to be taller. Next I'll be sewing drapes for the den. woo hoo!


Kody and Heidi

Lucas and I have been talking about getting a puppy since November-ish. The most important thing to me was to get a dog that wouldn't shed alot and Lucas wanted a really smart dog. So he did a little research and found out the the weimeraner breed is #1 for not shedding and always in the top 10 for smartness. They are a silvery gray color with light blue eyes. They get to be pretty big but they are notorious for being great family pets, very sweet, loyal, and friendly....so that's what we decided on. We've been lookin online for breeders nearby and thought we would get one this fall. Then on Thursday last week my carpet installer came in to my office and was talking about his new puppy. Well I told him that we were wanting to get a puppy soon and he asked what kind we wanted. Turns out his new puppy is a weimeraner and one of his friends breeds them and they still had 6 puppies left. So we drove out to Baird Friday afternoon and got 2 little puppies. We decided that we wanted to get 2 before we drove out there. That way they won't get lonely and will always have someone to play with. We named the little boy Kody and the little girl Heidi. They are precious pups and a bunch of fun. Here are some pics....

This is Heidi...

This is Kody...

sooo sweet...

They would love for you to come and play!


More Progress...More Pics...

The New Kitchen Colors: We painted the chair rail and beadboard the same color as all of the trim and the wall is Stratton Blue.

We like it alot better!

Saturday was a BIG work day...The guys worked outside and the girls worked inside...

Lucas ended up taking out SIX stumps and ONE tree!!! whay there were so many stumps I don't know but they were BIG stumps so they had to go...here is Lucas gloating over his Kill...

The Gals sanded and painted...

haha...mema was so sweet to come help!

and the caulking begins...

Lucas finding MORE little holes to fill....

still caulking...

after one coat...

my least favorite activity.....painting the ceiling

See how Lucas' shelf just blends right into the wall....fabulous work lu!

starting to get things put together...

come visit!!!!! : )


Paint. Table. Mowing.

So far we have painted the Dining Room (Olive Branch), the Living room (Rockport Gray), the Hallway (Rockport Gray), the Kitchen (Stratton Blue), and Laundry "room" (Sunrise)
Lu and I have a great system of painting down....I don't like taping because it always seems to bleed underneath the tape. So instead...I go around with the small brush and do all the edges ( I actually enjoy this, i think it's just relaxing or something. ) then Lucas fills in all the middles with the roller....he's pretty good at edges too but I don't think he enjoys it the way i do...lol.
Also...I have decided that ceiling painting is to be done only by people over 6 feet. lol....it's tough work!
The previous owners were a little bit sloppy when it came to painting so Becky and I pulled out the goof off and the Q-tips and went around all the moulding in the dining rom and living room to get all the ceiling paint off of it. It was alot of tedious work but, the end result was worth it.
Our next project is new carpeting in the living room... the old carpet was icky and I'm pretty certain had fleas. We bought a remnant piece of carpet and are hoping to get it installed sometime next week. We are also pulling up the carpet in the hallway to expose the wood floors but, per Lucas' request, we are leaving the carpet in the bedrooms.
I've been looking for a small table for our kitchen...I wanted a solid wood, 36" round one with drop leafs. Kind of picky I know but, it would just be perfect for the space. So I've looked and looked and found a few options but everything I found was either in poor condition, too expensive or too big. Then my sweet office manager, Michelle, told me one day that she had a little table that she didn't need and wanted to know if lucas and I could use it. Well... we went to look at it and it is a sturdy 36" round drop-leaf little oaken beauty in good condition! Perfect! So now it resides in the kitchen by the widow with 11 paint cans, sand paper, a ladder, two tool boxes, and an assortment of other painting supplies. I'll be glad when it can stand alone.
We are going to wallpaper our bathroom. I'm just kind of excited about that. It will be fun to do something different on the walls. Wallpaper is making a come back so I've been scoping out all the newest designs at work and I think I've found the perfect one. But before the wallpaper comes more painting (of course). The ceiling, the beadboard and the cabinets all nedd a fresh coat of paint in the bathroom. But since I am ready to see the paper up... i am motivated to get that stuff painted!!! : )
Lucas has been doing a side job on the weekends for some extra money and so I've decided that this weekend I SHALL MOW THE YARD! lol...it needs to be done and I hate for him to work all morning and then mow all afternoon... so I'm gonna give it a go. I'll let you know how it works out. : )
Well....I will put up more pictures soon...Love you all. xoxo