starting to feel like home.

 We are in Nashville now!

The house we are renting has been scrubbed from
 top to bottom! (with bleach and a toothbrush. no really...
just ask my sister :) All of the boxes are unpacked
and I'm starting to get things up on the walls.
This is dining room wall above the buffet.
 I am considering painting these lamps a bright
 persimmon orange or a kelly green. 
I'm trying to be brave. :) 
What's your vote?

our bedroom has an odd layout and this is really the best 
wall for the headboard to be against. :/
I hung four white curtains panels to make to window appear to be larger. 
Then I clipped a patterned fabric onto the two inside 
rings in order to cover the ugggly mini blinds. 

The front door and shutters were peeling red 
paint that didn't look to great against the orangey/red brick. 
Using leftover paint from previous projects, 
I painted the shutters glossy black and the front door turquoise.

Our rentals den and kitchen are still stuck in the fabulous 70s...aka awful. haha
It's just really dark and dated looking since there aren't as many
 big windows in that part of the house and there
 is wood panelling on all the walls in there.

Our landlord is really sweet and when I told her my
idea to paint and showed her a pic to help her visualize
 what I am thinking she seemed to be on board.
Painting the upper cabinets and all the panelling
 white/light and then painting the lower cabinets a
 darker color with really brighten the space up 
without washing it out completely. 
We will see if this actually happens. I will keep you updated.

Hope everyone is having a good week and hopefully 
you are all experiencing some cooler weather! 
It is beginning to feel a lot like fall up here in Tennessee! Love it!