balls and branches

I got started on Christmassing the casa last night!
I didn't want a complete Christmas EXPLOSION
 so I am just adding simple touches here and there that will still
 tie in with the current decor...
 The books and jars were already on this cabinet,
I just added a couple of branches and some shiny silver balls...
 I love how reflective and sparkly ornaments are. It makes
 me want to find something metallic and shiny
to use throughout the rest of the year. 
Give me your opinion on this...I bought this brown mirror with plans to
 paint it. I obviously haven't painted it yet...should i?
And what color? (gold? silver? something else?)
 I had to include this picture....Kody was SO excited when the hubs FINALLY
 got home last night....he crawled up in Lukie's lap and wouldn't move...
he just looked so sweet i had to get it pic and share it with y'all... 


Happy Tanksgibbing

Thanksgiving was great...got to make the turkey again with dad...
and yes...that turkey definitely deserved my thumbs up...it was perrrrrfect.
had some wonderful bonding time with the siblings...(look how tall the "little" brother is!)
  enjoyed a little shopping... and just had an
overall lovely time with the fam.
when we got home...look who was waiting in the front yard to greet us...out new little red oak friend...he looks a lil rough right now, but come spring he will fluff out I'm told.
and Heidi is really stoked about Christmas...can't you tell??


rug hunter.

I am hoping to get a rug for our living room in the next few months but per the hubs request it cannot be jute, sisal, woven or any other type that is not soft, squishy and pleasing to the bare foot. ; )
And since the man hardly EVER has an opinion on ANYTHING, I must honor that request.

As I have been looking it has just amazed me how you can fall in LOVE with one rug (but the price is absolutely out of the question) and then find a very similar rug at a WAY lower cost...
Let me share some of the comparisons with you:

Horchow's Pemberton Rug- $629 plus shipping...
 Overstock's version of this geometric pattern (with GREAT reviews) is $166 including shipping...
 this "WoodGrain" rug in a 5'6" x 8'6" is $1575 plus shipping...
 a similar look from Overstock is only $221..

I LEERVE this pattern from Horchow...but sadly it is outta my lil budget at $1260 for an 8' x 10'...
 This is not as similar, but its got a circular pattern repeated and it's purty at $380...
 Pottery Barn's Malika Persian Rug is a classic beauty and it's on sale right now at $379 plus shipping for a 5' x 8'
Overstock has a similar color way in a persian style that at $116 makes me a little nervous about the quality...I would have do some serious review reading before I made this purchase...and that pottery barn price isn't too bad and you wouldn't have to be concerned with the quality...
 This large medallion rug from Horchow is killer expensive at $2199 plus for a 5' x 8'...
 and I actually like this starburst pattern from Overstock better...it's $199
 manda...this grey zebra from west elm made me think of you... ; )

i think the important thing is to not completely sacrifice quality...but definitely look around before you fork over the big bucks for "the perfect" rug.

  Now I just have to find the perfect one for me...wish me luck!


a meteor hit our yard!

When I got home yesterday, I was checking my mail and heard the neighbors across the street pulling into their driveway. They had barely pulled into the driveway when one of the car doors flew open and their 5 year old daughter came sprinting across the street into our front yard yelling...."AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! WHHAATT HAAPPENED?????!!!!!!!!!"
she was referring to this....
 haha...apparently the little dramatic darling thought our yard had been hit by
a meteor or something, because she was seriously disturbed. cutie pie.

but don't you worry! Nothing catastrophic has happened.....we are getting a tree!!!
hopefully we will get the new tree installed by Thanksgiving!
woo hoo for trees!


SLeiGh BeLLs & SnoWFlakEs

i wasn't going to put this post up until after Thanksgiving, but Kelly inspired me to go ahead and get going on the Christmas cheer. And besides, i wouldn't have time after Turkey day anyways because i'll be busy Christmassing our home!

we won't be here next week so i am at least holding off until after Thanksgiving to get started on Christmas decor, but by no means am i judging those who have already begun bringing Christmas into their homes. If only i could, i would decorate November1st (Lu would flip) haha...maybe not that early, but in my head it has already been done since August.

i've been collecting images all year long for holiday decor inspiration and i'm so excited that it's almost time.. So here is my One Week Before Thanksgiving: Christmas Fest...

 i think there is some greenery like this in my backyard...
i'll just go pick it and make a garland. pahaha...yea right...
Kody & Heidi would have eaten already if there was.
...i'll take one of these staircases as well...
look at those balusters, i don't think i've seen any like that before. love em.
 so perfectly quaint.
 ...i think this is the kind of tree kids dream of. Just magical.
 ...cutie ( this made me think of mrs. j's cutie pie chandelier ornamentation last year )
 ...crafty. this looks like something you would be great at making.
 ...we don't have a chandelier over the dining table yet...
maybe i could do this for some temporary bah-ling
 ...those windows give me chills...
not cause of all the cold air they let in, but because they are GORGEOUS!!! bahaha
 & you gotta love the wreaths...very charming.
...fun vintage
...this is typically how our foyer looks during the holidays. ; )
 ...fun idea for those of us who don't have an actual mantle
(here is another cute idea that doesn't involve purchasing a piano)
 so fresh and so clean clean...(my dogs aren't white and they don't sit on velvet pillows)
 adore this setting...i'll take that exact fireplace, tree, and wallpaper (even if it is a touch girlie-fied)
mini trees! although conversation at this table might be awkward.

holy moly....this was alot of inspiration. hope it gave you some good ideas!!!

i didn't keep a very good record of where I got all of these pics but here are some of the places...


Bun Fun

I've been reading a blog that lil miss whit whit told me about and I LOVE it. It's called the DAYBOOK - this adorable chica blogs about her daily fashion and other day to day things. You should check it out. This week she did a bun tutorial...she wears her hair like this and looks sooo stinkin chic. ; ) I thought I'd give it a whirl...
 isn't she toooo cute? Well here is my effort...
I wore it like this to work today, not near as cute as hers, but I'll keep trying to improve! I had to wear the headband for all my front fly-aways and I think for a security blanket, I've never piled my hair this high!
Hope you are all having a happy Wednesday!


Run run run!

I went to San Antonio this weekend to watch my sister and her
hubby run a half marathon....They both finished and did great!!!
 Way to go Chris and Manda!!!
While I was there I hit up the local Tar-jay and found this pretty mint sweater on sale...
Friday's post left me with sweaters on the mind! ; )
Hope you have all had a lovely Monday!



A COOOOLD front is blowin' in right now with a little bit of drizzly rain and I didn't dress very warmly today. I need a cozy soft sweater to bundle up in. One of these would do the trick...

 ...then I'd like to be snuggled up on the sofa
with a pillow, a warm blanket, a good book,
a hot cup of tea....perhaps in this little pretty...
...with these sweet buddies curled up on the floor next to me...
 Now I have created a perfectly lovely scenario. mmmmm...
doesn't this sound like something you'd enjoy?? ; )