christmas cheer.

Ever since moving to Nashville I discovered Instagram, I've become a terribly inconsistent blogger. Popping a pic up on Instagram is just so quick and easy. A few words and a smiley face and I feel like I've done a mini post for the day. The major down side to that is that being off of blogger for so long is that I haven't been reading all the blogs I usually read on a weekly basis. I have really started to miss them!

So I found myself ooohing and ahhhing over all the loverly holiday homes that people are starting to share in blog land and thought I would share a few pics of our home this Christmas season:

This wreath on a chalkboard is the first thing you see when you come through our front door...I found the idea on good ole Pinterest! I used this verse on our Christmas cards this year. The wreath is an old one that my sweet mother in law let me have when they were cleaning out their house before they moved to Brazil. (thanks becky!:)
So the painting of the kitchen cabinets was ultimately a no-go for my landlord. huge bummer. But that's okay...I'll just string some sparkly and shiny stuff up to distract your eyes from the sweet scalloped orange oak.
She did however agree to let me paint the cheapo scratched up 70s panelling. I painted it a soft dove gray. Which lightened the space up considerably and feels fresh. The ranch-style house that we are in now has a total 70s vibe, which is so different from the 1930s cottage style house that we just moved from, but I'm kinda diggin' it. (mostly because I have no choice;)

I did two little 4' trees this year instead of pulling out the one big one. The way this house is laid out there are two main living areas that are completely cut off from each other and I just felt that one room shouldn't have ALL the holiday cheer! So this was my solution. The one on the left is in the "den" where I snuggle with the pups in front of the fireplace most evenings (where I am right now). The one on the right is in the front window where everyone driving by can enjoy it!

 I painted these minty green horizontal stripes on the dining room wall a few weeks ago. I still haven't painted my lamps :/ Maybe in the spring??

 in other news...I painted the wall behind the beds navy in the guest bedroom. The headboards that my sweet hubs made really show up against that dark backdrop! I also painted the mirror that used to be in our living room. The gold shows up against the dark wall much better than it did when it was dark.
and last but not least...our Christmas cards for 2012! I hope you all have had a wonderful year and that you will be able to spend the holidays with the people that you love!