feliz navidad.

i really had fun with our Christmas cards this year!

i got the idea for this silly card from a funny pic
 of the hubs and i at Jordan and Clark's gender reveal party.

 I showed my idea to Kristina @
everyday lovely and she totally
got my vision and with her crazy skillz
made our kitsch-tastic christmas cards...
i love them!
and I really enjoyed working with kristina...
y'all should check out her stuff. She is super talented,
 super sweet and was really prompt.

Feliz navidad, friends!


girls, snow, paint.

I had a lovely weekend with the ladies in Dallas....
we ate great food all weekend and
 just really enjoyed being together!!!
 supper at Mattito's / breakfast at Bread Winners
 a little bit of shopping...
the weather was dreary but the company was cheery! 
(check out that cute little pregger belly on jor....)
 and to start off the work week...
here is our house sans shutters and paint.
We have scraped, sanded, primed
(we used a tinted primer on the body), caulked and now
we just have to wait
 for a warm spell to paint!
(We've been working on this since April...
so don't be surprised if it takes us til April to finally finish :)

We decided on white eaves/trim and black shutters/door
I think they will be a nice contrast to our selected paint color
Kelly Moore's - Beachcomber.

just a reminder of what the house looked like when we bought it...
Can't wait to get it all done and show finished pics!

hope you all have a great week!



I'm not sure where I saw this idea...most likely pinterest.
Fabric as art in needlepoint hoops.
I had a few fabric scraps that had all the colors
that I want to incorporate in our guest bedroom...
so I slipped the hoops over the fabric and cut off the excess.
 we have a pair of twin beds in there
and these hoops were just the thing for over the headboards...
please note my sweet husband's craftsmanship in the
beautiful headboards that he made:
 hope you all have a lovely weekend!
So excited to get Christmas underway at our house!


gender reveal partay!

It's a GIRL!!!

This post is way late but I just wanted to share a few pics of
 the gender reveal party that we had for
mommy and daddy to be:
 Jordan and Clark Harrell!
They wanted something creative to announce their baby's gender...
so we came up with the idea to have them stuff pink or blue candy into a pinata!
So when the pinata was busted open we all found out at the same time!
 Kristee made this adorable bunting banner, we 
made colorful tissue flowers to hang from the trees, and...
 we had a photo booth!!!

We are SOOOO excited to welcome sweet little

Charlotte Kate Harrell (Charlee)

into the world!!!!!!

also...these are the invites for the partay...
They were designed by Kelly @  KMann designs...
she did such an awesome job... as always!
I love it when I get an invite or card in the mail that she has designed!

Hope you are all having a great Wednesday!


zig zag.

i have been wanting to liven up a couple of terracotta pots
 in my dining room that I have my topiaries in for
a while now and just wasn't sure what I wanted to do... 

well I finally decided on ZIG ZAGS...
so I got out my painter's tape and spray paint...
 and made these lil cuties...
 I really like how they bring a graphic look to each end of the shelf...
Since I was so happy with the zig zags in my home I decided to
make a big one for outside the front door of the studio...
 and stacked some punkins up on top!
Have a great Thursday, friends!


client living/dining.

Some friend's of our just moved back to Abilene and
purchased a fabulous old house!
It's on lots of land and has fabulous features like 2 large fireplaces,
hardwood floors, wooden beam ceilings, and lots of
quirky/awesome little tid-bits that you only get with an older home.

They have been living "small" for the past few years, because he
was finishing up his medical residency. So they needed a
game plan to get this place
full, furnished and feeling like home!

The large downstairs dining and living spaces was
 the first order of business...I sketched out a scaled layout and then
cut out different paper furniture pieces to scale so we could
get an idea for what the space needed and scoot everything
 around until it was just right. (sorry for the bad phone pic)

 then I presented her with this concept board for the living room...
 they've got two little kiddos and have to plan accordingly...
so I chose slipcovered furniture, a dark patterned wool rug,
and a high/low mix of accent furniture and accessories.

i also did a mantle concept board because it is the
 focal point of the room and will set the tone for the space...

and here is the dining room furnishings board...
 and a mantle concept for this room as well....
it's going to be gorgeous! Can't wait!
I hope you are all having a lovely Thursday!

If you are interested in a consult for a room design of your own,
please feel free to contact me at rgibbs.design@gmail.com for information and pricing.

"For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control." II Timothy 1:7


funny puppy.

Had to share these funny pics...

We took the pups to the lake earlier this summer and they loved it!
When we left they hoped onto their blanket in the backseat
and leaned against each other just panting their heads off...
 After about 10 minutes the panting stopped and I turned
 around to see that they had fallen asleep leaning against each other...
precious heads. :) i just love them.


client bedding.

i had the privilege of working with
Alye,a 13 year client, this summer on her bedroom...
she has great taste and is just a precious/happy girl.

i chose a greyed purple for the walls and a combination
of custom/stock pieces from Eastern Accents...
I cannot speak highly enough of ths companies quality.

We haven't finished the room but I wanted to share...
here is the bedding still in the packaging... 
 we also ordered this bed, and i haven't taken pics since it has been set up but...
 this morning i got a picture text from Alye's mom...she said...
"Alye LOVES her room...and wouldn't leave for
school this morning until her "BEAUTIFUL" bed was made!"
love it! Wonder how long that will last! haha


client master bath remodel.

Master bathroom remodel for a client in Haskell, Texas...

leopard wallpaper
(kind of awesome/but super dark and not appropriate for this space) 
wall to wall carpet, and tacky brass fixtures...
chandy that I felt looked cheap/silly...
 BEFORE: itty bitty dated shower
BEFORE: small shower and under utilized
storage get nixed to make room for....
a beautiful spacious shower!!!
Selected Finishes and Concept Sketch...
 More AFTER pics: 
shower details: rainshower head / bench
wall paper removed, walls/woodwork painted,
awkward double doors to W/C replaced with single door,
 all new hardware/fixtures, carpet replaced with gorgeous 20" x20" tile... 
We kept the cultured marble counters to keep the budget down
and I think they turned out looking a okay with everything else updated!
 shower tile close up...
diagonal 6" x 6" above chair rail, 20" x 20" below,
2" x 2" mosaic on floors and ceiling...
i hope this sweet family will be able to
 enjoy this beautiful bathroom for years to come!


client design.

Some super sweet friends of ours are having baby boy number
 three any day now. About a month ago she asked me to put together
a design for their master bedroom. They decided to put new baby
 in the bedroom with them and she was super stoked cause
 that meant that they "had" to do a master bedroom makeover!

They are a super fun family and love bright colors and a contemporary style!
She found some baby bedding on sale at Target that was
lime green/orange/gray...and that was my inspiration for the entire room...

One design element that we decided to work around (for fear of what was behind it!)
was a large wall of mirrors behind the bed...i found the solution was found on Etsy.com...
11" radial vinyl decals that i hoped would make a
statement in the same way a large scale wallpaper would...and at the same time
 would distract from the huge mirrored wall!

 a new rug, fabric to add length and pattern to plain white
 curtain panels, artwork, pillows etc... were all ordered
 and arrived last week! we got together Saturday morning
 and had a fun time putting it all together! 
i think the biggest impact was definitely the mirror decals!
we loved how they turned out!!!
i painted this tree triptych to hang over baby's crib...
 i tried to pull in as many colors from the other
artwork and fabrics as i could...
another handmade piece in the room is this pillow...
 eventually it will sit in an upholstered rocker that has been
ordered but has yet to arrive!
...it is cut out white felt on a solid orange fabric...
super cute and super easy peasy to make!
and this is the last pic I have because my camera died
...typical. i always forget to charge it!
i had so much fun putting this room together for this precious
couple...now it's time for baby boy number three to arrive!!!