check out these great pics of unique and beautiful flooring...
i think it takes a good bit of creativity guts to
make your floor such a bold statement...

cottage living

 decor pad
 elle decor 

what do you think? bold statement on the floor a good idea?
or best to keep it neutral and bring the bold in elsewhere?


bedroom bliss.

peeps....where is this image from??? House Beautiful perhaps??? Let me know if you know. Thx!


hot air.

I saw this cutie trailer on my way back to Abilene from
Tuscola a few weeks ago and grabbed my camera real quickly to
snap a few pics. Since then I 've thought what a cute babies room
hot air balloons would make! I like that they are uni-sex,
can incorporate a variety of patterns/colors, and would be fairly simple to paint/draw.

 and then this week Shelbi of Events by Shelbi Rene posted
a really adorable baby shower featuring hot air balloons!
 love this...
typically i am not into "themes" but i can definitely
 see this in a sweet little bebe's nursery.

What do ya think? are you for or or against themage?


rug redo.

I blogged last month in April (wow where has the time gone????)
Weeellllll.....Long story that I will try to keep short:
I don't have that rug anymore.

 The company that I ordered the rug from called me about
two weeks after I'd gotten it and said that I had to return it.
Absolutely HAD to return it.
 Our rep could not give any reason and told us that he
wan't given any information except that he HAD to get it back.

 Of course the first thought that crazy me came up with
 was that it was contaminated with anthrax or that is
was some sort of health hazard or something.
dramatic much?
My much more level headed hubby said oh it's probably
some sort of copywright issue or something,
 and of course that's what it turned out to be.
 So ANYways...I had to choose a new rug to replace that one.

i think it is actually for the best because that rug was looped wool
 and my sweet pups paw claws were snagging it up.
 So the new rug is a cut pile wool instead which
I think will be mucho better for everyone.

here she is...

isn't she a cutie?

I put together a lil design board tosee how it would work in our space
check it...
The overall scheme is cool grays/blues with plans to accent with
either warm yellows or coral.
 ooohhh yeaaa.

hope you have a great weekend!


stylin shelves.

I really really think one of my favorite things to do is to rearrange.
i love me some change.

using the same pieces in new and different ways is always fun.

our house is small so the furniture layout can't vary too much,
but everything else is changed up all the time.

i think it's fun to display things in a way that brings attention
to a specific piece that wasn't getting as much attention before...then
people think you got something new! :)

bookshelves are a great place to showcase your stylin skills...
here are some fabulously styled shelves for inspiration:


love the stripey pillow shams btw
 small personal details take time to look over and draw you in.
fav #2 (so fresh and so clean clean)

...another fav (i love the wide variety of all of the items shapes and sizes)

QUESTION: have any of you put up wall paper, fabric, a
contrasting colored paint or anything else on the backs of your shelves? 
How did it turn out? 


antlers what up.

What are your thoughts on the antler wall mount trend?

 when i first saw this trend i thought i would be poser-ish if i did it cause
 i've never shot at or thought about shooting ANYTHING. but I've
 really started to enjoy the touch of natural/organic that it brings to a space.

What's your opinion on this trend?


a polka birthday.

Memorial / my Birthday weekend was a great one!
The hubs and I attended Polka Fest of Ennis with some precious friends...
 Here I am with Josephine the Polka dog...
my sweet friends surprised me with SPRINKLES cupcakes and
some super fantastic presents. Thanks ladies. yummmmmm....
The second half of the weekend was spent with my family at Lake Texhoma...
 we had a lovely time chillin on the boat and hanging out together.
i'd do it again.
Have a happy hump day!