my home is a fine art museum ;)

hello lovely people....i hope everyone is having themselves a fantastic week!
today i am going to share a recent artwork project with you...
it's a collage of different colored/patterned papers that i first saw
on pinterest via bonnie's beautiful blog: going home to roost. she put together
a great tutorial that was easy to follow.

it's an fun and fresh patchwork/cube art piece that was fairly simple to construct:

here is what I used to make it:
- pretty paper/anthro magazines
- modge podge
- scissors
- tape
-a right triangle with a 45 degree angle (to make the diamonds)

The trick to making the cubes look 3D is to cut out
an equal amount of light, medium, and dark toned pieces.
Put the light on top the dark on the bottom right
and the medium on the bottom left of the cube...
i definitely recommend taping each cube together before you paste it down.
 That way you can better control the overall outcome of texture/color dispersal.

i chose papers that had lots of intricate details and looked very textural.
I used a 5" white mat and framed with a 3" thick wood frame that
was a 90% off HOBBY LOBBY find!...woo hoo! 
and i'm loving it hanging in the corner of our living room!
hope you feel inspired and are proud of me.
peace out.


carriage faux.

so this is what i've got...
a fantabulous lean-to "garage."
It is actually a wood shop for rather talented carpenter. but i call it our gah-rahge. :)
and this is what a garage should look like....at least in my dreams:
night and day difference.

well i love me some carriage doors...
the wood detail, little windows and decorative hardware
adds a bit of charm to an otherwise boring-o basic...

so tell me your thoughts on this idea...
take this blank slate...

 and jazz it up with a lil somethin like this....
a few pieces of wood, some paint and a big pretty handle...
it obviously wouldn't be a functioning pair of doors, but
i think it would be a good look.

Painting the added pieces black would look good with the shutters, don't you think?

 We are currently scraping, caulking, priming and painting our entire exterior
so I think this project could be happening in the near future. woo hoo!

Hope you've had a happy hump day!



I found a lovely little blue and white ginger jar at my fav flea
market this weekend... i placed it on top of a cabinet in our living room
with some other watery hued jars and bottles...
 it's a cool and serene little grouping that is just the thing
to chill our senses (lol) as we walk in our front door from the 100+ degree
weather that we've had for over 30 days now!
hope you all have a lovely Tuesday!

FYI: the only project we have going on at our house this summer is
painting the exterior, and if it was painting and painting
alone it would be a much simpler project!

We are scraping off all of the old paint (which is uber time consuming),
replacing planks of siding where needed,
 sanding (which is icky!), priming, caulking and painting!! ahhhhh!
soooo that is why there is a huge lackage of posting from
me this summer! Hopefully we will be done by fall!
Just wanted to let y'all know where I've been!