light it up!

The hubs installed the new front porch lights this weekend!
and I LOVE them!!!
I love the contrast of the black against the newly painted siding!
and now the glossy black front door has some buddies:)

and of course here's a before pic...for comparison:
For a while there I was debating on whether or not to get this
 fixture because of the size, I thought it might be too big,
but it turns out - the existing fixture was just WAY too small (and ugly :)
and you might be noticing the oh so completed paint job
on the widows, eaves and siding! I'll post more on that later.

such a good feeling to come home to this...
hope you all have a wonderful Monday!


garage facelift complete.

We have now been working on the exterior of our house now for nine months...
we should be giving birth to the finished project soon!;)

LOTS of Scraping & Sanding

TONS of Priming & Caulking

and loads of HOURS have gone into improving the exterior of our home!
we aren't quite done yet, but I have a little sneakity peekity to share!

I did a post last July about an idea for our garage.
it was in serious need of help!
I wanted to add some charm and personality
without breaking the bank...
 I'm happy to announce that we've
finished the garage facelift...
and we are super happy with the end results!
it definitely upped the charm factor on that end of the house!
now we just need to get after it and finish up everything else...

I can't wait to share the rest of the exterior with y'all once it's complete!
Hope you have a happy Monday!