before & after monday.

i hope you are all having a lovely Monday! it has been 70 degrees
 and sunny all day today. i've been loving it. but tonight we are
supposed to get snow, ice, freeezing ickiness. eeewwww

i took a few quick pics to share with y'all at a client's house today! we are wrapping up a kitchen remodel...

 our budget kept us from getting new cabinets, but we worked with them and updated the backsplash counter tops and flooring. Relocating some appliances and knocking out the wall between the kitchen and the dining/living has made a HUGE difference.

We are not quite done, but i just had to share these quick pics with y'all because it is such a dramatic difference!


the backsplash is a realllly pretty marble mosaic...
the undercounter lights we put in accents the splash
as well as provide excellent task lighting for her
new granite work space.

it might not be as fun looking at people's houses that y'all
don't know, cause it's not as personal, but I hope you don't
 mind me sharing a little of my work on here. :)

xoxo...bundle up tonight so you don't freeze your bootie off!!


stylin' oh yea.

Thank you, Rene, from the oh so lovely blog Cottage and Vine
 for giving me the Stylish blogger Award! It means alot coming from you!...
 her blog is definitely one of my favs.

if it was a trophy...i would place it on my mantle...
that is...if i had a mantle.  ;)

Part of the award requirements was that
 i share 7 things about yours truly...
so here we go...

1. I am a homebody.
 Being at home just satisfies me and brings me joy.
(perhaps one day i will be able to call the house in the
above picture my home, then i would never leave.)

2. I adore my family and the family that i married into.
the Lord has greatly blessed me.

3.  i love my dogs. they are my children.
even if im not allowed to call them that...per the mister.
they make me oh so happy.

4.  i am so thankful for friendships...a have some Ahhmazing
 gals in my life....and i love each one of them oh so very much!
(no worries...this list is not in order of importance...
my dogs are not ranked higher than my friends...
at least not most of them.
kidding. of course.)

5. I LOVE me a hot bath.
 Especially after a long day of work, when it's chilly out.

Technology has created this incredible thing called a HOT SOAK tub, that i just recently discovered.
It doesn't have jets, bubbles or anything, it just keeps the water toasty for as long as you would like.
I only ever get out of my bathtub when the water is getting too cold, so i could REALLY have a fabulous relationship with this invention.

6. I love reading blogs!
 i get inspired and entertained daily by all of you and your blogs!
I feel like there are soooo many out there
that i have yet to discover. and that's just fun.

and i don't drink coffee, i like how it tastes, i think i'm just scared that
 i'll get addicted to it like the rest of the world.

7.  i loved the Harry Potter books. fact. proud of it.
got my first one for my 11th birthday (thanks grandma),
and have been obsessed ever since. don't love the movies too much.

...if you were on the edge of your seat for that list, which i'm sure you all were...then you'll love this.

And now for my 10 Stylish Blogger picks of 2011...;)

Keeping Up With the Manns

I love reading each one of these blogs every time they put up a new post! go check them out for yourself!

As part of accepting the award and spreading the blog love, they'll...
1. Thank and link back to the person that awarded them.
2. Share seven things about themselves.
3. Pay it forward to 10 (or so) recently discovered bloggers.
4. Contact those bloggers about the award!

i hope everyone of you has a great Friday and a Fantastic weekend!!!


out of my box.

i made a little fashion board...
i was going to put together a complete outfit,  but was unsuccessful.

 so what i ended up with was a
collection of pretties in golds and coral.

i'm NOT recommending that you wear ALL of these
 items at once, but if you did i wouldn't be mad.
just jealous. ;)

and then there is this stinkin cute top....

 i had to share it with you because i heart it.
thankfully they are out of my size, because
 i don't need it / don't need to spend the mulah on it.

but it is 50% off so hopefully one of you will
love it as i do and will go grab one before they are all gone.


Silk Ink Splash Print Top................. ANN TAYLOR $88 $40

tomorrow is thursday, i love thursdays!

i hope you all are having a 
productive and delightful week.



i was at Dallas market on Thursday and Friday last week.
i got alot done and had a good time seeing all of the 
beautiful showrooms.

love this lime washed dining table and the tufted chairs...

...there was a pair of these fun patterned chairs
with this awesome highbacked velvet sofa...
i'll take the whole set, thank you.
 this chair was so pretty with peacock feather
embroidered silk on the sides and back.
 i had to take a pic of this to show the hubs
...golf club entaglement art ...haha
 this one made me laugh...Beatles embroidery...niiiiice
 and probably my favorite...
the George Cameron Nash showroom in the Design Center...
simply stunning...every inch of it...

and then i crashed. : )

i also got to see this sweet lady when i took a break
and was checking out the jewelry. it was so fun to run into you, mrs. b!

hope you all had a lovely weekend and have a great Monday!!!


what i'm loving wdnesday.

I am linking up to this blog that i found out about from this blog for What I'm Loving Wednesday! ;)

today I am loving...

this adorableness...

these cutie pa tootie booties...

my sweet goobers... they just make me smile
every time i walk through our door...

that i get to go to ZUMBA tonight!!!
 i really look forward to MWF evenings because of ZUMBA!

that i just got to eat a yummy burrito from
 my fav:
 Sharky's Burrito Co.
(Now i just need to go work it off tonight!! ;)

that i am going to market in Dallas tomorrow! I'm looking
forward to checking out all of the latest and
greatest that the design world has to offer...

my bestest friend. sooo thankful for this guy.
i hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday
full of lots of things that you love!


baby room. (not mine ;)

i don't ever share projects from work on here, but i am
doing a precious little two year old girl's bedroom right now and i am just
really enjoying all the precious prints, polka dots,
and pastels. so i thought i share two options with
y'all and see which one you like better...

this little sweetie "likes" butterflies and ballerinas & pastel colors.
(she has really developed taste for someone so young...
lol or maybe mamma had a little influence over her style preference ;)

 i'm not a huge fan of themed rooms, so a couple of pillows and a fun
cornice window treatment will be the real pizazz...
 the rest of the room (white bed, with pale pink and white
 monogrammed bedding, neutral walls/floors) will be classic and can
remain the same as this little baby grows older.

so here is OPTION #1: powder blue and pink ballerinas
(scalloped cornice board and 3 throw pillows in sketch)
*the edges in the sketches are blacked in for my upholsterer to
see the shape better...the actual cornice will be self-corded
 all the way, with a beaded trim detail at the bottom. 

 and here is OPTION #2: pale green, pink, and purple butterflies
(scalloped cornice board and 3 throw pillows in sketch)
...sooo.... i know which one is my favorite. ;)
which one would you choose out of the two?


puppy love.

the weekend was great! it was so nice spending time with my
 precious family-- we just relaxed, ate, talked, went on a
long walk, and just enjoyed being together!

i picked up some flowers at HEB friday afternoon...
they were sittin' so fresh and pretty in the kitchen all weekend.

my brother brought his doggie that they recently had neutered...
and little buddy has beeen having a problem with healing because
 he won't leave his stitches alone....sooooo...they came
up with the ingenious idea to put a bathing suit on him to keep him from
messing with the stitches.... they put a bathing suit on him!
sorry that it is a horrible picture, but you get the idea.
he was pretty cute in his board shorts! so cute in fact that i think our
little Heidi Sue might have just fallen in love with him...

she wouldn't leave the front door and moaned
and whined for thirty minutes after buddy left!
 it was PAH-thetic!!!
poor baby...got her little puppy lovin heart broken.

have a good monday!


quote friday.






my fam is comin in town this weekend! woohoo!

i hope you all have loverly weekends!