laundry fiesta.

We have been feeling REALLY anxious for Spring
up at work and we decided to get an early start on it...
so yesterday, spring came to the studio. ;)

We have gotten so many pretty new fabrics for Spring and i
wanted to diplay them in a way that would catch your eye
and draw you in so i made a four "laundry" lines
 and clipped up some of our favs...
we had a fun, crafty time makin them...
and then i just placed them throughout the retail part of the studio
for some fun pops of color!

now if Spring would just ACTUALLY come, that would be great. haha

hope you all have a very lovely weekend!


spring teaser.

i might just be a wee bit obsessed with
JCrews Spring Look Book...it's just down right yummy.

they are right on track with the color trends...( i'm sure it was by accident :)
 i also love the bright orangey red lipstick on each of the models
would i look like a clown? most likely.
 these scalloped pink shorts with the cutie pie bow are my favorite.
 tribal prints and stripes both seem to be all over the place.

am i ready for Spring to officially be here?
i just know this fabulous weather is a tease, but i hope not. ;)

i hope each and every one of you has a WONDERFUL weekend!!!


polish present.

and I joined in for the fun...
my super polish swap partner, Kim, got me Essie's
Perfection...I love it! and I got it yesterday,
 What a great Valentine's Day surprise!Thanks Kim!

have a wonderful Tuesday!


digest this.

reader's digest books come in SO many different colors...
i have collected bunches of them since college to decorate with
( i've only read TWO stories out of them...both murder mysteries...haha)
every book has a different spine color and a
patterned paper on the front and back covers.
i love finding these books at thrift stores in their
solid book jackets and and taking the jackets off to see
what pretty paper is hiding inside...

the book spines are very pretty, but lately I have been
 wanting to create a fresher look. so i just turn the books
 around and feature the cover papers instead of the spines...
i have always found them at various thrift stores,
 but i was looking on Etsy the other day and found some!


craigslist creativity.

craigslist can be awesome as well as aggravating.
I've been looking for a certain sized love seat for a good 6 months now. no luck AT ALL.
but during my weekly scans, i do run across some stuff that is pretty nifty...

thought I'd share some...

this $100 craigslist mirror could look
fabulous as-is or with a fun coat of turquoise...
 very FURBISH-esque...no?
pic via i suwannee

this brown tufted 7 footer looks pretty rough in this pic,
but the ad says EXCELLENT condition.
would have to see in person for sure...

$280 would be a steal for this much vintage/anthro-ishness, and
the neutral brown might just work a little better with your

i think this small scale swivel wicker would be
cutie pie as additional seating in the corner of a bedroom...
$25 you Dallas peeps...
it faintly reminds me of this gorgeous
peacock wicker chair...mmmm

or this one from Charlotte magazine...
or you could paint it out and put a fun little cushion on it...


and for $50 you could bring some femininity into your space
with this pink winged back chair that's in "great" condition...
great price, if it's really in "great condition.

this head/foot board would be really pretty painted white...
in my bedroom. :)

have any of you seen this love seat on craigslist...?? it's the one I've been looking for. ;)

perfect width 43", perfect depth 34", perfect shape.
...and I'm not picky on color... I'd be happy with any
neutral, grey, dark navy, or chocolate brown.
let me know if you find one similar!

haha...in my dreams! 


high gloss.

I've just been admiring Tia Zoldan's chic ecletic home in L.A.
it's lovely...check it out in the premier issue of High Gloss (the online mag)...

and check out Jamie Meare's (i suwannee and furbish) AHmazing home...
also featured in High Gloss. i just LOVE her style.
and her humor...i could read her witty posts all day long.

and if you go check out the magazine, look at the ceiling
 on page 101...they did the fretwork detail on the
ceiling that i did on my side tables. I love that idea...never would've thought
of putting it on the ceiling!

have yourselves a happy happy Monday!!



 i finished the guest room side tables a while ago, just haven't put up pics yet...
 the fretwork look is easy to get with painter's tape
 i used a champagne colored spray paint, let it dry,
 taped off the areas i wanted to stay gold,
rolled on a coat of white, peeled off the tape and voila...
these are actually two different tables, but it's totally not
noticable on opposite sides of the room and with their matchy paint jobs... 
now onto our SNOW DAY #3!
i hope the rest of you who are stuck find something to keep you occupied,
 and those of you who escaped the frizzard (freezing blizzard)...
tell the world hi for the rest of us and enjoy your freedom!!!




the mister and i are all cozied up at home today
 because of a few inches of snow.
i just love how texans can't handle snow
and shut down EVERYTHING. :)
and yes you can laugh at my attempt to protect the carolina jasmine that is growing up our porch posts. haha... i wrapped it with some leftover blackout lining...don't know if it helped...but i guess we will see in a couple of days when it is 75 degrees again!

the pups are lovin the snow...i think this only
 their second or third time to see snow...
they ran circles around the yard forever...when i finally decided to video them...
they saw me and decided to come in....sillies. Emily got some way better shots of her two pups!

the hubs just made chocolate chip cookies (his specialty). gonna go eat em up.
peace out, girl scout.