Surprise Squared

On Sunday night J.Bryan's girlfriend, Susie, calls me and says..."I need you to invite J.B. over for supper Wednesday night cause I am going to drive in from Dallas and surprise him! And I want to make sure I know where he is and that he doesn't have any other plans!" (So sweet).

So...I texted J.Bryan on Monday and asked him to come over for supper Wednesday. His response...."Oh sorry... I can't this time... I'm driving to Dallas to surprise Susie! Don't tell her! It's a surprise!" Hahahaha... so I am caught in the middle with this without a choice. lol.

I wasn't really sure what to do but I talked it over with Lucas and we figured it would be best for her to come here because if all else failed we could just tie J.B. down so he couldn't leave and...so we would get to see her!

Ok...so Susie is on her way to Abilene at around 3:00. J.Bryan is about to go to soccer practice and is planning on leaving for Dallas at 6:30 whenever practice gets out. In order for this to work out I had to get J.B. over to our house before he left for Dallas.... so I called J.Bryan and tried to convince him to come pick something up from our house before he left for Susie's, but he wasn't having it. He wanted to leave the second soccer practice was over.

Since I was trying to keep Susie from knowing that J.Bryan was also planning on surprising her...I had to figure out a new plan. So I told Susie that J.B. called and said he couldn't make it to dinner. She was all worried that it was because he had other plans and wouldn't be able to hang out with her!...little did she know that his plans were to go see her!

So Lucas and I took her up to ACU and she was sitting in J.B.'s office when practice was over!! Whew! It worked and they were both excited to see each other and a little confused. lol

We had a great time hanging out with Susie and can't wait for her to visit again... but next time maybe no surprises!!! : )

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