client design.

Some super sweet friends of ours are having baby boy number
 three any day now. About a month ago she asked me to put together
a design for their master bedroom. They decided to put new baby
 in the bedroom with them and she was super stoked cause
 that meant that they "had" to do a master bedroom makeover!

They are a super fun family and love bright colors and a contemporary style!
She found some baby bedding on sale at Target that was
lime green/orange/gray...and that was my inspiration for the entire room...

One design element that we decided to work around (for fear of what was behind it!)
was a large wall of mirrors behind the bed...i found the solution was found on Etsy.com...
11" radial vinyl decals that i hoped would make a
statement in the same way a large scale wallpaper would...and at the same time
 would distract from the huge mirrored wall!

 a new rug, fabric to add length and pattern to plain white
 curtain panels, artwork, pillows etc... were all ordered
 and arrived last week! we got together Saturday morning
 and had a fun time putting it all together! 
i think the biggest impact was definitely the mirror decals!
we loved how they turned out!!!
i painted this tree triptych to hang over baby's crib...
 i tried to pull in as many colors from the other
artwork and fabrics as i could...
another handmade piece in the room is this pillow...
 eventually it will sit in an upholstered rocker that has been
ordered but has yet to arrive!
...it is cut out white felt on a solid orange fabric...
super cute and super easy peasy to make!
and this is the last pic I have because my camera died
...typical. i always forget to charge it!
i had so much fun putting this room together for this precious
couple...now it's time for baby boy number three to arrive!!!


Kelly Mann said...

Love it! Love your triptych too, it looks AWESOME!

tableandtop.com said...

Looks amazing! Great photos!!!

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Rene said...

How fun! So impressed with the artwork! Maybe you should sell those? Love the fabric blocking on the panels. Lucky friends :)

The Blume Family said...

Hi Rebecca, I am a friend of the Gibbs family (we are missionaries in Brazil) and I saw your Christmas card with your blog address at the Zellers house. Anyway, I just wanted to say how much I love your tree artwork and I pinned it on my pinterest board. So, if you all of a sudden get famous on pinterest, that's why :) Your blog is great and your house looks so cute. Love, Benay Blume (Lucas may not remember this, but he used to babysit our kids when we lived in Abilene. They loved him.)