feliz navidad.

i really had fun with our Christmas cards this year!

i got the idea for this silly card from a funny pic
 of the hubs and i at Jordan and Clark's gender reveal party.

 I showed my idea to Kristina @
everyday lovely and she totally
got my vision and with her crazy skillz
made our kitsch-tastic christmas cards...
i love them!
and I really enjoyed working with kristina...
y'all should check out her stuff. She is super talented,
 super sweet and was really prompt.

Feliz navidad, friends!


René said...

Ha! That is the most fun card I have ever seen!

julia b said...

you are too funny! Love this card! I wanted to let you know that I have given you a cutesy blog award on my own blog. Check it out! Miss seeing you!

kristina akers said...

Aw Rebecca, I'm so glad you were happy with it! I always keep a sample and I love looking at you guys in my Christmas card stash! You're too funny and so creative!