light it up!

The hubs installed the new front porch lights this weekend!
and I LOVE them!!!
I love the contrast of the black against the newly painted siding!
and now the glossy black front door has some buddies:)

and of course here's a before pic...for comparison:
For a while there I was debating on whether or not to get this
 fixture because of the size, I thought it might be too big,
but it turns out - the existing fixture was just WAY too small (and ugly :)
and you might be noticing the oh so completed paint job
on the widows, eaves and siding! I'll post more on that later.

such a good feeling to come home to this...
hope you all have a wonderful Monday!


Lesley Anne said...

Love the new lights! And your super-cute Weims on the front porch. :)

the Mitchell Mob said...

Looks amazing!