rebecca gibbs interior design, y'all.

We move back to Abilene this weekend and I'm excited to share with you that my website is up and running! I am so thankful for this opportunity and am very excited for this next step. I have to admit, leaving the wonderful BHD team here in Nashville is a little scary and definitely very sad, I'm going to miss them all for sure. But I also feel very strongly that this move is a step in the right direction for our future and have no doubts that this is where we should be! 

Abilene holds a special place in my heart and feels more like home than anywhere else in the world.

I will be providing a wide range of interior design services to the wonderful people that live here.
Check out all the services I will be providing...it's probably more than you thought! :) 

My main squeeze, Lucas, will be working for himself as well doing remodels and building custom 
homes. We hope to become a dynamic duo and work on many projects together in the future!

There are several other designers in the Abilene area that I thankfully already have friendships with and 
I am so looking forward to working together to make Abilene a more beautiful place.

 I would absolutely love to help you create a 
place of peace and beauty that you can call home.
 Give me a call

and for all you other lovely people... 
Come for a visit any time... y'all. 

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