Silver and Gold

Lukie and I went on a road trip this weekend to Irving. We got to stay with my grandparents and we got to see my lovely sister and her Christopher. They had a wedding shower on Saturday night. It was super cute and super fun!

She and I went shopping on Saturday and found this pretty little blue
dress at Banana for her to wear at the shower...

WOO HOO for getting married!!!!!


Curtains for the Living room... The gold drapes are actually a recycled item from the dining room...I didn't really like them when they were in there... but they look mucho better against the grey walls in here. The valance is a small horizontal ticking stripe of black and cream.

These rings were originally silver...black spray paint helped them match the rods we already had. The rings just clip right on to the fabric...

Can't wait for y'all to come visit the house!! xoxoxoxo

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