Valance Victory!

...Heidi and Kody say HI! They are gettin BIG!

Lucas and I washed the windows a couple Saturdays ago...it was a pretty huge task. We were having a pretty difficult time washing in between the storm windows and the regular windows until we got to the fifth window and figured out that the storm windows come out! They were pretty tricky. :)....but we figured it out and it made the whole process go alot faster. We were done by noon.

I found some really happy fabric that I thought would look great in our dining room...It is a chocolatey brown with a very colorful floral print...I think it'll look super fun with the fiesta-ware. So...I bought a couple yards and made exact replicas of the old valances that were in there when we moved in. Except I added a little pleat in the center of each one ( Becky's superb idea ).

These pictures were taken with my phone so they're not the greatest...but they'll do. We actually mounted the valances all the way up to the ceiling.... but I haven't taken a picture of that yet. Having them mounted all the way up really makes the room appear to be taller. Next I'll be sewing drapes for the den. woo hoo!

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