Organize me!!

Living in a small house, space is valuable. Staying organized and coming up with creative storage solutions is a necessity. The master bedroom in our house only has one small closet, which is the husband's. My clothing resides in "my room" (aka the guest bedroom). : ) There is an armoire and a closet in there that is full of my stuff, which leaves no room for guest's things when they visit. I have been thinking about adding some storage into the master bedroom, so that I can clear up some space in the guest room. hmmmmm....
I drew up a lil plan so that Lucas could build my vision...
there is a 12" inset where I am wanting to build these cabinets, so it won't stick too far out into the space. I am hoping to get a small "closet" on the far right (so I can get that guest room armoire cleared out). Some drawer space on the left and a cabinet with some shelves in the middle for my shoes! And I've got a large mirror that is currently sad and sitting in the corner that will finally have a home!
Now...we Lucas just needs to scrounge up a little extra time! so thankful to have my talented handy man.
on the topic of organization...i found these fun jewelry storage ideas from MarthaStewart and Bosworth Hoedemaker. Teacups for storage and Jewelry as Art! too fabulous.

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Kelly Mann said...

Rebecca! I'm loving that idea! It will look SO great!!! I miss you!