eggs and roses.

The hubs has been doing some carpentry
 work for the Riley family from church,
They live in a really cute house and have chickens!

She sent lucas home last week with this sweet basket of goodies...
 fresh eggs...
 amazing roses from their yard that smell heavenly...
 a jar of pancake mix...(which were delicious)
 and a jar of syrup!
the basket also included three delightful books,
 2 of which were about decorating... I thouroughly enjoyed getting
this sweet home made gift and just had to share it with y'all!

and just to make you smile...
a picture of my snuggle bugs trying to share the bed. goobers.

happy wednesday!


René said...

How adorable! Sometimes I wish we had second Weim, but I think she likes being an only child :)

Studio B Designs said...

Wow, it's like I just stepped back in time to the good ol' days with that kind of gift basket! Fresh eggs and garden flowers, where can I find a neighbor like that?

Kate said...

i want to give people those kind of gift baskets so badly. perhaps soon i can have my own chickens and garden!