rug time.

i had a little "rug hunt" last fall and went through several options for our living room.
Well this is what I ended up selecting....
it's from Sphinx Rugs, here is the description:

100% wool hand-tufted rugs with a unique flat surface reminiscent of the hand embroidery used in traditional soumak rugs. The selection consists of open and large scale patterns in a mix of sophisticated modern and traditional styles. Each pattern is distinctive in color, from subtle gray and lavender to deep traditional red with accents of bright gold and aqua blue.

unfortunately this was a new design that actually hadn't even been produced yet. booo. so after ordering it on November 30th. I waited patiently until April the 5th for it to finally show up! geez louise.
The package it was delivered in said: BY BOAT FROM MUMBAI TO SAVANNAH

I'm no shipping specialist but that doesn't seem like a very efficient route does it???
ANNNY WAAY....it's here now!
here is a pic from my phone...sorry not a very good pic!
I really like how it looks with the wood flooring and it's SUPER thick and squishy!
which the hubs is a big fan of.
I'll get some better pics of it in the room later to share with y'all.

hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!


Kelly Mann said...

It came in!!!! I love it!! I need to come see it in person! I called you the other day about a steal on 8x10 seagrass rugs at Lowe's, now i'm just wondering if you were deciding to get one! :)

Studio B Designs said...

Love that rug!