antlers what up.

What are your thoughts on the antler wall mount trend?

 when i first saw this trend i thought i would be poser-ish if i did it cause
 i've never shot at or thought about shooting ANYTHING. but I've
 really started to enjoy the touch of natural/organic that it brings to a space.

What's your opinion on this trend?


Rene said...

Would love to have antlers somewhere - real ones I think. Wish they weren't so pricey. Love your images!

Erika said...

Never thought of this as a trend, haha! I guess its always been mandatory in Kanyon and I's families. But only ones you shot yourself, of course. But if it's a trend, then I guess we're trendy now!

Kate said...

Ugh, so over it! I wasn't thrilled with them when they first started showing up, and I'm surprised they have stuck around so long.

Kelly Mann said...

Girl, go out in the woods and pick up some sheds! FREE and you don't have to shoot one! You wouldn't be able to wall mount them but that's expensive even if you shoot it yourself.

Emily said...

being a wife to an avid hunter, ive learned to LOVE IT. hehe. we actually have 'loose' antlers as part of our dining room table decor. its actually the antlers of a deer that i shot with josh. so it kinda is a fun conversation piece.

Christie said...

Ummm loving it. Ditto to what some of the other girls here said - I am married to a crazy hunter. Having never killed anything bigger than a spider in my lifetime, this was something I had to adjust to. I have a billion antlers (sheds and 'kills'?) in our house and I am so grateful there is an artsy way to display them. I do think their organic shapes are very beautiful on their own (but don't get me started on shoulder mounts) but it's great to see what 'funky' ways they can be displayed as well. LOVE IT, out of both appreciation and necessity. And I'm glad there's a way to tie in both mine and my husband's personalities into our decor.