stylin shelves.

I really really think one of my favorite things to do is to rearrange.
i love me some change.

using the same pieces in new and different ways is always fun.

our house is small so the furniture layout can't vary too much,
but everything else is changed up all the time.

i think it's fun to display things in a way that brings attention
to a specific piece that wasn't getting as much attention before...then
people think you got something new! :)

bookshelves are a great place to showcase your stylin skills...
here are some fabulously styled shelves for inspiration:


love the stripey pillow shams btw
 small personal details take time to look over and draw you in.
fav #2 (so fresh and so clean clean)

...another fav (i love the wide variety of all of the items shapes and sizes)

QUESTION: have any of you put up wall paper, fabric, a
contrasting colored paint or anything else on the backs of your shelves? 
How did it turn out? 

1 comment:

René said...

These are wonderful! I especially love the close up of the one with lots of color.

I have lined bookshelves with grass cloth before. Can't wait to see what you do.

Happy weekend!