shut it.

As a Valentine's Day surprise my super sweet
hubs installed the shutters that he
made for the front windows of our house...

It was such a GREAT feeling to drive up after work and see them up!
If you haven't seen the before pics..go check them out first!

So here are the AFTER pics with the shutters installed...
(Please avert your eyes from all
overgrown bushes, bare flower beds, dead grass, weeds etc...:)
and just enjoy the fabulousness of the shutters!

 Such a good feeling to have gotten this much of our exterior completed!
this happy little face popped out to greet us today...
I don't think he knows that it's not quite Spring yet!

p.s. see that blue porch ceiling peeking through from behind the vine??
 it's subtle but i couldn't resist a little pop of
 color for when people come up to the front door!
hope you all have a good rest of the week!

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Kristee and Jody Walker said...

These are incredible. Lucca will be a pretty phenomenal company one day...