baby charlee.

Three weeks ago my dear friend Jordan had to have an emergency C-section and
baby Charlotte Kate (Charlee) joined us 6 weeks before her due date.
At 3 lbs. 7 ounces she had to stay in the NICU and is still there, being
cared for and gaining weight ounce by ounce.
the baby shower for the "mother to bee" was this past weekend
 and it went really well. Mommy and baby
 received so many sweet things!
We had fun putting together the table of goodies...
We also did a blessing table for baby Charlee...

Also...I made a blessing for Charlee, printed it out on cardstock,

 and framed it so Jordan can hang it in her room...

There were so many precious people that came to the
shower to celebrate and bless Jordan and Charlee!
thankfully sweet little Charlee is doing much
better after three weeks of care and growth!
She is up to 4 lbs and should be coming
home in the next week!
I'm just so thankful for this sweet little angel
and can't wait to love on her some more!


amanda marie said...

GORGEOUS! So elegant and sweet. Y'all did an amazing job!

Shelbi Rampy said...

You and your sister are so talented. I would love to share these pictures of this shower on my blog. Let me know if you're ok with that!

Shelbi Rampy said...

That would be great! My email is shelbirene@gmail.com.

julia b said...

such a sweet, beautiful shower! little charlee is so blessed and has so many praying for her precious life. xoxo