butterflies in the shower.

Our shower got a make over!
(thanks to my super talented hubs who busted this project out in one weekend)
we forgot to take a before pic...boooo
But there really wasn't much to see anyways. 
There were three sheets of plastic that kinda looked like
 tile glued to the three walls with caulk around all
 of the edges that wasn't doing it's job very well...
kinda looked like this (but not as sparkling white:)
so anyways...once the plastic tile sheets came
 down this fabulous loveliness was revealed...
next some plumbing happened 
(no pics cause a new valve and some pipes are not too interesting!)
then the durrock went up and got sealed with this rubbery liquid stuff...
Then came the tile! We used a 12x12 glazed porcelain for the field, 
and a matching travertine chair rail to create a frame 
to go around a gorgeous mosaic that I am in love with!

 he did such a fabulous job spacing
 it all out and making all the cuts!

 and then i finally got to join in and help grout...
looks kinda icky here cause the grout is still wet...
once the grout cured for 72 hours I sealed it and
 let it dry for another 24 hours before we could use it...
here's a close up... 
I luuurve the mosaic...
all the watery blues, greens, grays, and browns are perfecto!
and here is the fabric that I am using to make the shower curtain...
it is Kravet's "City Square - Misty Morning"
I'll share pics when I get it done!

Happy Thursday 
and happy birthday to my baby brother who turns 18 today!!!!

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