paver path.

We put in a new pathway from our front porch to
our driveway this weekend...
The existing "pathway" consisted of 10 round stepping stones that were spaced
 out too far and just didn't have the look that I wanted.
Not that the round stepping stone look is a bad one,
I just wanted something a little more natural.

So we used some irregular shaped
stones to make a new pathway:
 These flat stones are actually from our back yard.

  A previous owner had them spread out under a tree,
but over the years they had been mostly covered over by
dirt and grass. So we dug them up and relocated them to the front.
 Because they have been sitting out under
that tree for so long, they have a nice aged
 patina (a.k.a. mossy/dirty look) that I like a lot!

First we placed laid them out how we wanted them, then we
dug out the dirt so they would fit a litle more flush into the grass.

I think this path is going to be a great
 solution for rainy day walks to the driveway!
now if those flower beds could just get some attention!

happy tuesday!

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