monograms & grumpy old men.

I priced monogramming a couple of pillow cases 
for our bed and I was shocked at how expensive doing a big monogram cost.
So I decided to monogram them myself...it's MUCH simpler than you might think!

I just found a font that I liked/would be easy to cut out with and exacto knife. This font is 'AJENCY' I blew it up to like 500-600pt and printed it out on cardstock.
Then I sliced it out. It took 10-15 minutes per pillow.
Spraying the backside of each cardstock sheet with 
spray adhesive helped prevent any slipping when they were centered on the pillows.
I used a matte fabric paint and a sponge to dab the paint on and did three coats before peeling it off.
Now there no confusion as to which side of the bed belongs to whom.

Also... check out the gallery wall above the bed.
 The grumpy old man was drawn by my dear friend's husband. Derek Poole is very talented and I am so happy to have one of his drawings hanging on my wall!

Happy Friday, Friends!

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Kelly Mann said...

love the pillows! love the gallery wall! love that you're back to blogging and love YOU!!!