Headboard Hmmmmmm....

We have a very narrow room and I have been trying to decide what the best option for a headboard would be.
  • I thought about a DIM (Do It Myself) Upholstered Option in a fabric that coordinates/compliments my bed linens,
  • Then I pondered re purposing an old door turned on its side a painted a fun color,
  • Then I considered comissioning the hubby to build me a wall hung painted wood Option,
  • and then...I stumbled across this picture on www.sunset.com ....

And I am currently in love with it. : )

It would be sleek and slim and take up ZERO space and it would help our itty bitty room appear larger!

I found some mirror tiles with rounded edges at IKEA ( "Sorli" $5/for 4 tiles ).

Maybe this idea will stick. lol.

It's a bummer though because IKEA doesn't allow this particular item to be ordered online so I'll have to wait til the nesxt trip to Dallas. :(

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