Bronze Babies

I am thinking about getting 2 sconces for either side of the mirror right inside my front door.
These two sconces have alot of similarities...one of their similarities is not price.
How do you feel about the fact that this little bronze fella from PB with it's
lovely linen shade is:
$79.00 + $20.00 for the shade + $9.57 for sales tax + $17.00 for shipping= $125.57 x two of them for a total of $251.14...

...And this similar little bronze mister with its slightly more tapered linen shade from my local Lowe's is:

$34.97 + $2.89 for sales tax= $37.86 x two of them for a total of $75.72

a difference of $175.42.

Do you suppose that Pottery Barn's Quality is so insanely superior that it is worth 175 bucks more????


Kelly Mann said...

LOVE that idea! They will look great!! And no, I don't think it's worth the money for PB.. at least not now. Maybe one day we'll be able to noticeably see the difference, just not now. :)

Rebecca Gibbs said...

haha...seriously...and I really don't think the quality is THAT different. the ones from PB are expensive because they a FROM Pottery Barn.