TV Touch Up.

I painted the walls in our living room a white/gray color and my little tv cabinet was looking drab with little contrast, so this weekend I painted powder blue panels on the front doors and drawers.
I thought the gray/blue would tie in well with the accesories I have sitting on top.
Old books with pretty covers
and colored glass bottles.
I thought I had a picture of the whole cabinet, cause the drawers have the blue on them as well, but aparently not. Oh well you get the idea. ; )
Amanda, Thank you for consulting with me late friday night. : )


Sara's Daddy said...

Awesome, you are so creative ... I am just boggled! :)

Kelly Mann said...


Emily Saller said...

look so good! i'm jealous of your skillsss!

Ashley Pattison said...

I love it! I am a dedicated blog follower now so get ready for some comments!