Doggy Dreamin

I have been sewing and painting at home the last four days and my sweet puppy buds have been hangin out with me. A little bored and completely uninterested in what I am doing but nonetheless, faithfully by my side. They stay in the same room with me so they can keep an eye on me just in case I descide to do something exciting! haha
Here are a couple of pictures of my companions...
(Both of these pics are HORRIBLE quality (cause I took em with my phone) but, I just had to share...)
...Saturday was HOT, so Heidi wanted to be inside..but she couldn't help day dreaming about how fun it would be to play in the sprinkler in our front yard.

And this morning it was POURING rain and nice and cool, so while I was painting the Living Room I left the front door open for a little ventilation. I put their bed in front of the door and Kody just enjoyed watching and listening to the rain.
haha... cute pups.

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Emily Adams said...

so cute! we've got to hang out soon!!