Collage Wall

Since my previous blog about my desire for a "cluster" wall I have seen several people refer to these as "collage" walls. Sooooo...I don't know which is correct, but whichever it is...I'm lovin the look.
I already had a couple of floral water-colors, a few floral prints and some plates that I wanted to use for this wall. Then I found some other pieces at my favorite flea market, an embroidered piece of linen, some photography, and some other fun stuff. I painted some frames, cleaned it all up and got out the hammer and nails.

The wall is split in the middle by a large window so I had to take two separate pics, but it's all the same wall.
The guest bedroom is much happier now with it's newly adorned walls. : ) And the new look has already been broken in...the Walker's stayed with us last weekend and Kristee approved the new addition. lol...and if she approves then I'm happy!
Hope you are having a great Thursday!


Jeff Southard said...

I've created a way to get photos up on the wall in a collage. You might be interested:

amanda marie said...

that looks great! can't wait to see it in person! xo

ps... hutis

look it up.

jk, it was just my word verification thingy. ;)

amanda marie said...

was my next one... sorry couldn't resist!