Side Tables Project

I have two little sewing tables that I thought would work as side tables in our guest bedroom. I wanted them to be fresh and simple. But painting them solid white did not sound like a fun project. lol. So I sketched a linear design on a paper towel, and got creative with some painter's tape.
 This weekend was America's Next Top Petite Model (5'7" and Under) Marathon and I had a lovely Sunday evening watching the marathon and painting during commercial breaks. : ) 

I was so glad she won...her final line was....
"I'm a dork and I won America's Next Top Model!" She was precious!

Anyways...back to the project...haha...
Materials Used for this lil project:
 Sandpaper, Oil based Primer, Champagne Colored Spray Paint,
Painter's Tape, Sponge Roller,White Paint, and Glossy Lacquer Spray.
Sorry I didn't get any before pics... I sanded the tables, primed them, let them dry, sprayed Krylon's Champagne Nouveau in the areas I wanted to place my design, let it dry, taped my design down, rolled my white paint (3 coats with drying in between each coat).
and then peeled the tape off to reveal my design...then I gave it a coat of glossy lacquer.
blurry pic and no hardware yet, but here it is! There are two but I only got a pic of one. I'll put a better pic up later when I get a chance.
hope you are all having a lovely week!

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amanda marie said...

Becca that looks AMAZING!!! i wanna do that!!! :) You are so good!

ps.. i get to see you in about a week!!!
woohoo planes!!