Paper Fun

I made a headboard this Spring out of IKEA's Sorli mirrors. I really like how it turned out, but I didn't really think about what the mirrors would be reflecting. The oposite wall is blank with a built in decorative shelf that is at an akward height and spans the entire length of the wall.
So the sweet lil mirrors don't have much to reflect.
........my thoughts are to put up an AWESOME paper on the opposite wall. The fun pattern would be reflected in our headboard but wouldn't overwhelm our small space.

There are SO many Beautiful/Bold patterns in Wall coverings
right now and all I have left to do is pick one! : ) 
I think it will be a perfect opputunity to bring some color and pattern into our room. Currently it is very "serene" with pale blues, greys, and whites. I think it could handle a lil fun somthin somthin

We shall see ; )
Okay...I was just about to publish this post when I found this picture in my files...
haha....I made this when I was trying to decide how tall to make the Sorli headboard. So...this will give you an idea of how comlpetely bland our room is right now! lol
I am thinking the wallpaper, painting the lamps (coral? yellow? what do you think?), and some pillows would help. Share your thoughts with me. ; )

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