I had a client bring this lovely picture
to me that was ripped out of House Beautiful:
she was in love with the wallpaper,
and wanted to use it to update her pink plaid powder room:

 the only problem was...
the torn out magazine page is ALL we had
no name, pattern, brand, color, ANYTHING.

well after a bit weeks of research I found
that Twigs wallpaper company makes
 this pretty hand painted marbelized
paper and it is called "Pheasant."

The closest carrier of this brand was in Dallas so after
colorways they had...
 I loved seeing all the different colors...

 this paper is so cool because there are irregular
variations through is that give it a really unique quality
 this is the one that was in House Beautiful....
 And THIS is the one i selected
for my client...
It was a subtle version of the orange and it
looks GREAT in her under the stairs powder bath...
much better than pink plaid huh?
she is a painter herself so she really appreciated the hand crafted qualities
 I don't know how well you can tell in the picture,
but the ceiling is the underside of the steps and it is mirrored,
I love how the paper is reflected onto the ceiling:
It seems that more and more people are wanting wallpaper.
I love it.
What are your thoughts on papering the walls?


Cassie said...

very very cool, love this!

Erika said...

I love wallpaper! Its just affording it is the issue..

Momma C said...

Beautiful! and not just because I'm your mom!

K_Q said...

How can I get a hold of this wallpaper? I have been searching for a distributor and/or store that carries it and I have had no luck.