i was at Dallas market on Thursday and Friday last week.
i got alot done and had a good time seeing all of the 
beautiful showrooms.

love this lime washed dining table and the tufted chairs...

...there was a pair of these fun patterned chairs
with this awesome highbacked velvet sofa...
i'll take the whole set, thank you.
 this chair was so pretty with peacock feather
embroidered silk on the sides and back.
 i had to take a pic of this to show the hubs
...golf club entaglement art ...haha
 this one made me laugh...Beatles embroidery...niiiiice
 and probably my favorite...
the George Cameron Nash showroom in the Design Center...
simply stunning...every inch of it...

and then i crashed. : )

i also got to see this sweet lady when i took a break
and was checking out the jewelry. it was so fun to run into you, mrs. b!

hope you all had a lovely weekend and have a great Monday!!!

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