Crafty Time

Lucas gave me a sewing machine for my birthday and I've been trying to work on my skilzzz.
So I went on down to Hancock's Fabrics and found me a
"simple" apron pattern and some silly fabrics.
I have actually NEVER used a pattern before soooo...this was interesting.
It was like reading a differnet language in that little packet, and the fickle little pieces
of tissue were like a crazy person puzzle.
 It took me about 1 hour to cut out the pieces (while I was watching Rachel ZOE)
 and about 3 hours maybe 4 to stitch it all up.
but I finished it!
Please don't ask to look too close! haha....probably definitely not the best craftsmanship.
woo hoo! I was hoping to share this pattern with some gal pals from church at a little "fun sewing time get-together," we will see if this one makes the cut. They all might want to kill me once they see how MANY pieces you have to cut and realize how long it takes! I'd like to find something quick and easy that would take only like two hours from start to finish. If any one knows of a cute/quick apron pattern...holla at ya girl.


Kelly Mann said...

precious!! here's one that looks pretty simple, although it's only a half apron!


kate said...

Girl, I love your blog and your awesome design style. Perhaps you could help me with our house. But, as far as sewing simple goes...here is the book you need.

lotta jansdotter's simple sewing

My aunt Chrys gave it to me years ago and I love it. Super simple patterns.

Hope you're doing well!

Meagan said...

How fun!! I'm determined to learn to sew, too! Can't wait to see future sewing projects that you try out...