Dining Room Chairs. Check.

FINALLY the dining room chairs are getting their make over!
 I've been debating and deliberating for about three months now
 and I've finally made some decisions and put them into action!
 Our oh so lovely sheild back dining chairs were looking 
pretty darn worn out and were starting to SQEAK! 
They were covered with scratched, dings, chew marks, and just looked tired. : (
My handy man hubby REPAIRED all the little issues 
on each chair with carpenter's glue, clamps, and a nail gun.
 Now we are sturdy-fied and ready for business!
I spent One Saturday morning SANDING each chair,

here is my little army of sanded chairs awaiting their coats of primer.
I used a small sponge brush and applied oil based PRIMER to every little nook and cranny.
(I used two brushed and just tossed em after I was done. That oil based is a booger to cleanup)
The next decision to be made was PAINT COLOR. I went with Benjamin Moore's 1528 Early Morning Mist. It's a creamy gray/white. It's actually looks whiter in person than this picture:
The semi-gloss finish looks great and will be super easy to keep clean which is an absolute necessity with Heidi and Kody runnin round. ; )
And at last...the final touch...FABRIC selection!! I fell in love with this pattern the first time our BBerger rep handed me the tiny little Geometric Weaves book this summer.
I have a blue and white waverly palampore on my sofa in the adjoining Living room and I wanted something simple and somewhat masculine for the dining room. I looked at a few other choices and just kept coming back to this little guy. And I'm SO glad that I did cause I love the finished result!

Here is the before again:
and the after!!!
(I'll get a pic of them all together around the dining table once the dining room floor is in.)


Kellie Collis said...

Beautiful! Love the fabric and the resulting chair! Kellie xx

Kristee said...

yay!! I love it. So glad you decided on that fabric. Can't wait for another slumber party so I can see the finished product in person.