Labor Day

And since I was at home all alone yesterday (Lukie had to work), enjoying the day off...my faithful pups were sure to never leave my side as I cleaned and worked around the casa...
here is where they snoozed (practically on top of me) as I put the book pages up in the corner built-in shelves. : )
And here is Kody and Heidi's new toy that she hasn't let out of her sight/mouth since we brought it home last week. She was very happy that I wanted to take a picture of her with it.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday!


Emily said...

Becca! I love how you mounted old book pages to the back of your bookshelves! I actually did the same thing except I used old sheet music! Another neat "filler" to a vase or jar is to shred old pages from books and use all the shredded pieces. Do a google image search and you'll get a better idea of it if you're not sure! Miss you and hope all is well!!!

Rene said...

I adore Weims!!! My favorite breed, ever. My girl, Mattie Gray, is by my side always.