Canton Inspiration

Five precious friends of mine and I hit up the flea markets
 of Canton, Texas on Saturday!
We had a wonderful time together searching through
all the little booths and eating ridiculously unhealthy treats. : )

Jordan and Ashley were the big winners of the day, with some
 wonderful vintage finds (Paintings, Prints, Trays, Boxes etc...)
 that they bargained for. And Kristee found some vintage
jewelry and a clutch. I on the other hand
managed to get away with only one wonderful sandalwood
scented candle. I did gain a lot of inspiration and ideas though!
 Sadly...I didn't bring my camera so I have no pics to share.
One idea that I've seen several times before, but I've never really
 thought about using in my own house was this...
Using pages out of old books as wall covering. We have some built-in
shelves in our living room that I have tossed around the idea
of backing with wallpaper or fabric. When I saw Laurie Anna's 
ADORABLE booth in Canton with these pages
on the walls, I just loved it -and I know I change my mind often
-so this will be much easier 
to change than pasted on wall paper. : )
Here are a couple of pics I snapped real quick.
I like how the pages provide a neutral backdrop,
but with more texture and interest than paint.


Shelbi Rampy said...

I am so doing this! I love it!!! What did you use for adhesive?

Rebecca said...

The pages are actually just stuck up there with scotch tape...I just layered so none of the pieces were exposed. : )

Momma C said...

I love it! It's so....literary!

Simcat said...

It looks perfect with those shelves! I think I may do it someday if I have an impromptu bookshelf in my place :)