craigslist creativity.

craigslist can be awesome as well as aggravating.
I've been looking for a certain sized love seat for a good 6 months now. no luck AT ALL.
but during my weekly scans, i do run across some stuff that is pretty nifty...

thought I'd share some...

this $100 craigslist mirror could look
fabulous as-is or with a fun coat of turquoise...
 very FURBISH-esque...no?
pic via i suwannee

this brown tufted 7 footer looks pretty rough in this pic,
but the ad says EXCELLENT condition.
would have to see in person for sure...

$280 would be a steal for this much vintage/anthro-ishness, and
the neutral brown might just work a little better with your

i think this small scale swivel wicker would be
cutie pie as additional seating in the corner of a bedroom...
$25 you Dallas peeps...
it faintly reminds me of this gorgeous
peacock wicker chair...mmmm

or this one from Charlotte magazine...
or you could paint it out and put a fun little cushion on it...


and for $50 you could bring some femininity into your space
with this pink winged back chair that's in "great" condition...
great price, if it's really in "great condition.

this head/foot board would be really pretty painted white...
in my bedroom. :)

have any of you seen this love seat on craigslist...?? it's the one I've been looking for. ;)

perfect width 43", perfect depth 34", perfect shape.
...and I'm not picky on color... I'd be happy with any
neutral, grey, dark navy, or chocolate brown.
let me know if you find one similar!

haha...in my dreams! 


Lauren said...

Hi, Rebecca! I think the brown tufted couch belongs to Jordan Wesley. I'm almost certain that it was in a group of pictures she posted on Facebook in an effort to sell some things before moving to NY. Have a fabulously stylish day.

Lauren Cunningham

Rebecca Gibbs @ gibbgabb said...

no way! that's too funny, Lauren! hopefully she got it sold!

Summer said...

How wierd. I was going to ask about the brown tufted couch. I searched for it and couldn't find it on craigslist. How long ago was it posted?

Rene said...

I haven't luck with craigs buying or selling and others seem to find everything. All I get is creepy spam emails when I list an item. Good luck Rebecca.